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The very existence of the human race emanates from the concept of brand strategy. When you comprehend and acknowledge the depth of human interaction and how the outside environment cultivates a brand image, a solution pops out of the quandary. As a brand strategy consulting firm, D'ART follows the cycle of human ecology, where we fashion the brand identity to solve complex but human problems.

We propose a design that corroborates the purpose of untangling issues for brand consumers, and this majorly functions through data science. So when quantitative analysis meets with creative insights, it successfully becomes a brand development strategy that elucidates a brand's unequivocal plan of action, proving the worth of a consumer's money. D'ART, conforms to the belief of creating magic through pragmatic data which reveals real action.

We are in a constant state of evolution where consumers believe more in the unfiltered and chaotic stream of thought rather than a carefully fabricated route to deception. Hence, as part of developing a brand strategy, we work with brands as co-partners to combine the existing and fresh breath of ideas to create something larger than life.

Before frolicking on the recipe, knowing what ingredients would fit well is the primary mood for D'ART. While the world is pivoting towards technology, consumers are all averse to an ad-centric world. As we design a brand marketing strategy, more than a colorful logo comes to our focus; it's the essence of the product carefully crafted over the brand's impression.

The D'ART team surmises that the bridge of authenticity between customers and brands leads to better fulfilling long-term business goals. We create momentum for brands when metrics from market research are translated into a brand personality that makes it easier for consumers to engage with you and take an interest in shelling out funds for your product.

For instance, working with the luxury men's apparel brand, Top Brass got us to scout the more elite style of thought. To design the store and get the customers flowing inside, we got psychologists and other thinkers on board who did valuable scrutiny upon the elite-segment populace's ever-present knowledge.

We presented a mascot who would assist the elite customers when in need instead of chasing them throughout the store and asking, "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BUY"? Hence, we designed a pretty self-explanatory store for a luxury brand, and all we had to do was understand the people who would buy from it and create a brand strategy that would fulfill the impetus.

As Seth Godin says, "marketing is the generous act of helping others become whom they seek to become." So we believe in fashioning a lock through a brand strategy that makes it easier to find the key (customers) who genuinely feel their human problem is solved and move forward. We do not just create a brand; we create a culture for people to embrace.

How can brand strategy consulting help my business?

Brand strategy consulting offers relevant insight for your business and enables you to understand better the market, your audience, and the complete business landscape. Hence, you can better optimize your strategies to procure results that lead to better brand experience and interaction for your consumer.

What are the steps involved in a typical brand strategy consulting engagement?

A good and comprehensive brand strategy consulting will typically evaluate your business nature, brand objective, and target audience and take the first step towards market research to derive insights such as competitor analysis. Further, a brand positioning strategy would be developed, and a brand message would be part of it. The final stage would include implementing the message and disseminating the brand image.

Does this service come as an add-on to store designing?

It would depend on whether you want to go beyond retail store design with us. If you choose only brand strategy consulting, the design would be separate.

What role does market research play in brand strategy consulting?

Market research is the core component of brand strategy consulting because this is how insights are derived and decisions are made to finally take a step into implementing a strategy. Each bit counts, from analyzing the target audience to competitor analysis and market trends.

Can a brand strategy consultant help with rebranding efforts?

Yes, a good brand strategy consultant can be valuable to rebranding endeavors for businesses. It gives a comprehensive view of the wrongs and rights of current business methods and what strategies are to be discarded for future success. Brand messaging is finally shaped under rebranding through brand strategy consulting.