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(A)Research, (B)Strategize, (C)Execute of Branding Design and Promotions!

In the role of Branding Agency, D’Art toils on three mantras; Research, Strategize and Execute. In a broader form, we understand Branding Design and Brand Promotions in the art of connecting the brand to the product, yet incommensurable cerebration.

“What does a brand want? What is the brand vision?”

We fan out these questions into answers in our brand strategy. The A to Z research and deduction are done prior approaching to the deployment phase. We go by the intellect of B2B with a professional take with our clients to understand their ‘wants’ and ‘vision’. It helps us out to nurture our brand development strategy.

The pictograph below represents our ‘phasial’ brand strategy from Ask to Process to Customise to Promotions to Output that basically acts as our ‘template’ for our service deliverance.

Branding Solutions in India
1. Ask:

The question of “Ask” by the brand is answered by D’Art through analyzing Brands’ Agenda. As the agenda differs from brand to brand, so the markets and targeted audience. If we categorize them, they go from Premium to Medium to Basic and so the lifestyle, from Luxury to Comfort to Need. The market distribution also goes by the same ascending from Urban to Semi-Urban to Rural.

2. Process:

The ‘Ask’ is processed by keeping the markets in mind. The different markets need different branding treatments. Like, Premium consumer of the brand will go in a branded shop placed in a mall or ‘city walks’. The Semi-Urban consumer will go to medium-sized markets where it will follow the negotiation behavior. And the Rural(Basic) consumer will go to the small markets or “mela’s”. The branding will be done in the same way keeping the budget efficiency of every market targeted consumer. The Brand Marketing Strategy will be influenced by the same.

3. Customization

In the deployment phase, D’Art offers customization varied from markets to budgets. Cost-efficiency is the main key behind customization. From planograms, flamboyant wall displays to vehicle branding, we customize it all. The Reason To Believe(RTB) proves as a major behind enhanced sales and justify as a brand innovation agency.

4. Promotions:

Brand Promotion is also clouted from Premium Market to Basic Market. Tools of offline and online promotions come in the role. As in premium markets, we offer ‘Phygital’ promotions, while in basic markets only physical promotion is the option. Brand collaterals are made in use for brands’ retail promotions and store promotions. While performing the former, co-branding is also practiced, which is beneficial in reducing(costs, risks), accessing new markets, and transferring positive associations.

5. Output:

From ‘Ask to Promotions’ the desired output of convertible sales is highly influenced. Through various brand development strategies and branding designs, the output from varied markets is what the brands want.

After the desired output from the happy purchase of the consumer, we then move on to the loyalty which the consumer has to provide, and the repeat purchase(and word of mouth) is ignited.

Loyalty is mostly measured by auditing the consumer behavior, where we provide detailed audit reports to the brand about their consumer(shop) behavior in different intervals.

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