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A brand is the brainchild of a human who plumped its existence, encircling a philosophy to assimilate with like-minded individuals--- the customers. Once this philosophy of true self describes "THE AGAINST" rather than "THE FOR," the brand successfully creates an architecture that gives it depth & customer loyalty. D'ART is propelled by this thought and meets a brand's expectation at the sweet spot between philosophy & architecture.

At the inception stage of brainstorming a brand design, we consciously identify how we can benefit from global trends and emphasize strands of beliefs that loudly communicate the distinctness of thought. The priority is synthesizing the by-product of brand philosophy registered inside the architecture to reflect a brand's value proposition.

Branding Design is supported by a strategy at D'ART that weaves a brand's story of identity around the core of living factors that focuses more on the location, status, ease of accessibility, and more. Voicing uniqueness is our forte, and as the realizer of the Branding Agency role, we chant the rhythm of--- Research, Strategize and Execute.

Taking all of it as a coherent whole, we recognize the significance of connecting the dots between Branding design & Promotions through the dexterity of making a brand in the image of its product.

Standing at the periphery, we begin our discourse with the questions,

What does a Brand yearn to become?

What does the Brand Vision comprise of?

When we spoke about determining our role as a Brand promotion agency, we understood the market for brands like STUDD, who had a product architecture depending upon the different income groups in India.

They had 3 segments of helmets with different pricing structures, each performing the same role at the ground level-- Safety. And hence, our strategy was to promote the brand and its product depending upon the consumer need and emotion in question with wearing a helmet.

For instance, concerning the premium segment of the brand's helmet, we constructed a campaign that involved the influencers and riders' community who feel the ultimate high of traveling. They wouldn't blink twice for spending on equipment to make that journey even better. And that's why STUDDS had 3 different consumer categories buying helmets, and each one assimilated with the brand's philosophy of safety at the core level.

Every brand has a prerequisite to creating a niche-specific design per the branding strategy. That possibility comes from their philosophy which eventually becomes their identity for the customers to recognize.

D'ART, as a brand strategy agency, presents the wits of a B2B professional who works with the conviction to deliver a brand brief that untangles and demystifies the positive points of a brand that captures each market element. That's how we nurture the brand development strategy through the fundamental approach of:

(A)Research, (B)Strategize, (C)Execute Branding Design and Promotions!

People care about the variables like strong emotional quotient conjoined with their living factors. At D'ART, the retail promotion strategy stands firmer on the importance of emotional intelligence, uniting the thought process of consumers and the brand. Hence, basing the fundamentals of R, S, and E, we follow these junctures as a brand marketing agency:

When a brand seeking branding services comes to us with the "ASK" of illuminating its distinctness, we like them to bring forth a brief that covers all the components, genuinely justify the brand philosophy. To transport the customers to a brand experience that is ultimate to their wants, it's crucial to circle every possible factor that helps D'ART reach the problem.

Once we have claimed a definite ASK from the brand, it is a prerequisite to scan the markets and treat the Brand accordingly. Our team tries to evaluate all the areas that could be revamped for the brand by excavating further and measuring the product market, what the dealers and retailers say about their experience with customers about the product and more.

For a renowned brand like STUDDS, we kept a tab on three metropolitan cities to assess the low pointers from the retailer's perspective. We were thorough with the problem statement and found grievances that could change the game for the brand.

Now we come to the core chunk where we recast the brand design & strategy depending upon the data of grievances or feedback from the market. We keep the product parallel to the brand at the center and strategize based on:
● the customer's intent to buy the premium or basic category product
● the community factor linked to the product
● the gender placed in the role of decision-making
● the product categorisation & in-store experience of customer
● the sustainability factor of the product
● the personal preference of the customer to customize the product
● the geographical location affecting the customer's intent to buy the product

Acting upon the factors discovered, we shepherd strategies suitable to promote the brand better and bigger throughout the country.
● Beginning with the 'Phygital' promotion for the customers who have easy access, we implement technology inside the store. That's how D'ART enabled customer experience in-store virtual shopping. This, in turn, led to minimal store costs like electricity for retailers.
● The repair and maintenance strategy invites any customer to live minimally and utilize the product for a few more ongoing years.
● The proper display of the product makes it easier for every fraction of the customer to make the right choice.
● We suggested brands implement the product customization feature to offer consumers the choice of making a style statement.

From 'Ask to Promotions,' the desired output of convertible sales is highly influenced. Post the development and implementation of these strategies, the branding designs take a better format but not at the cost of the brand philosophy. Hence, the output from varied markets is what the brands want and get.

Once the desired output is received in the form of a happy purchase by the consumer, loyalty comes into question. The customer offers it by making a repeat purchase of a higher cost and invests in other services the brand is offering.

Disintegrating consumer behavior gives a clear picture of loyalty. We do this not just by auditing the customer footfall but the brand's ability to retain those customers year after year.

While we preach all of our insider secrets to you, what do all these stages mean for your Brand?

Integrated Solutions that balance against the scale of needs, wants and desires to accomplish success.

Building concepts by sketching every detail (inclusive of the conflicts that push the face value), so to optimize it and get the best ROI for your business.

Best-tailored blend by focusing on analytics, brand ethos, target consumers, and phygital engagement, we act as an impactful design catalyst that reaches out to the factors that collectively take the brand philosophy.

Streamlined Downtime that brings accurate results in response to the brand strategies we develop by performing market research, capturing the data, the conclusion driven and the promotional ideas implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a brand in the age of automation?

To grow, companies need to have loyal customer bases who make repeat purchases, again and again, every time. And loyalty is fundamentally about human emotion because it's what drives us to make decisions and choices. And thus, automation is just a driving factor to encourage that human-to-human to connect.

Why human factor is necessary for brand promotion?

Dialing up a human bond tends to create a more personalized brand-consumer connection. Because we can’t engage and communicate with a robotic voice. Though automation is today’s talk, creating an online to offline (O2O) brand promotion, human intervention is a must.

Should your brand focus on personalized brand promotion or cast a wider net?

Always. But it also depends upon the need of the brand. Creating a personalized promotion ends up in building an extravagant brand experience. While casting a wider net doesn’t evoke emotions (sometimes) toward the brand or its product.

How does brand size impact brand promotion strategies?

It’s not possible to accept that the size of the brand is the direct coefficient to the scale of its promotions and the budget for the same. The same implies the reach (not all times) that the brand is eyeing to receive.

How does customers behavior impact brand promotion and visa-versa?

Customer behavior has a direct impact on brand promotion. If it comes with flexibility, the promotions are much easier to achieve the promotional target. If the reluctance is experienced and the customer is not well aware of the brand through promotions, the whole effort can get nullified.

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