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A brand identity design is like seeding an identity inside a consumer's cognition to cast an influence that shapes their belief and creates a perception that influences their buying intent. A brand identity designer would retrace this seed down the line to work, rework, and enhance the discerning features of a brand.

They are the creative visualizer to institute a brand's corporate and community-centric impression making it easier for all the stakeholders and consumers to take delight in intercommunicating with them. D'ART works as an artist to create this seed of perception and magnify the visual representation by mixing it with verbal elements.

In the concentric circle of brand positioning and identity, branding is the center which is a broader category and includes both elements. So as a brand identity agency, we work as designers and managers to dismiss the "ME TOO" outlook, bringing a brand's distinctness through colors, logos, tonality, structure, and voice. And that's how we gave a solid identity for a 'Not Normal Brewery restaurant'--- The Addam House.


Similar to its namesake animated series & movie, we collaborated to design an eatery cum brewery in the theme of The Addam house that revealed the story of the Addam family of a different sort. While conceptualizing the restaurant's interiors, we wanted to simultaneously present the magical and mysterious feeling that becomes the unique identity of the restaurant and discard this 'MEE TOO' ambiance, sending it away from a traditional brewery & restaurant.

The completed layout of the restaurant reeked of distinctness in the world of the Indian Restaurant market. This is how we worked on creating a visual identity design that entices different segments of people.

As we secured a relationship with more prominent brand names, our retail identity services aimed at subtly leaving a substantial impact on how and what people feel about it. With more consumers bowing to all sustainable and feasibility factors, now more than ever, brands need to function by including a lower-impact design system. It would have a similar dominion over shifting the rumination of people but insubstantial on the environment and the economy.

Whether it is the packaging system or the interiors of a product-based brand, we probe the evolving behavior of consumers and the uncertain market conditions to modify the voice reflected through an appearance that nurtures the phygital concept better. In contrast, the focus can sure be on tech-infused nature-theme interiors. But agility, minimalism, and expertise should be prime components, too in producing a brand identity.

Why is brand identity design essential for businesses?

The most critical component for a business to succeed is building trust and recognition in the market. It comes through developing an identity design that sets the brand apart in the industry and raises a mark in its customers' minds. As the loyalty factor escalates, so does the revenue.

Can an existing brand optimize its identity design?

Yes, of course. Brand identity could easily be optimized and reoptimized depending on the insights and growth factors retrieved upon brand audit. The aim is to stay relevant in the market, and that’s how a brand would always be in demand among its consumers.

What is the difference between brand identity & branding?

Brand Identity is more visual cues of a business entity shaped through the in-store experience, theme, typography, social media presence, and more. On the other hand, branding focuses on overall brand elements such as vision, mission, messaging across all channels, etc.

Does research play any role in Brand Identity Design?

Yes. Research is the pillar of a good strategy. Brand identity design must have a comprehensive approach derived from studying the target audience, competitor analysis, market trends, and brand history. Hence, it becomes easier for designers to brainstorm better based on the brand ethos.

Can brand identity design impact a brand's sustainability efforts?

A brand’s identity has everything to do with how it practices business in the environment. So brands that are preaching sustainability and biodiversity, if are discarding minimal efforts to have less impact on the environment, which could negatively impact the brand.