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In less than a decade, trucking saw a new path of excellence when Blackbuck came into the picture with its major transformational state-of-the-art fleet management technology. The brand has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in simplifying the trucking process, which is vital to the logistics value chain.

By seamlessly integrating offline processes into an online platform, the brand has effectively bridged the gap between shippers and truckers, making it easier for both parties to connect with each other. However, the brand's success necessitated broader outreach to enable more fleet owners and truckers in India to experience the platform's comprehensive solution.

Therefore, D'Art intervened as Blackbuck's branding partner by identifying the entire journey of a trucker and creating a scalable branding model to increase awareness among relevant onlookers who are also decision-makers.

We focused on directing branding efforts in the right direction by utilizing our expertise beyond design. Through market research, we identified key areas for developing a branding strategy that would resonate with our stakeholders, including transport managers, hardware and service centers, and truck drivers. By providing incentives for their association with Blackbuck, it was the beginning of cultivating loyalty towards the brand.

We identified the critical areas where truckers might visit and formulated the best strategy to create a branded environment. Our market visibility analysis showed that the most effective hotspots for branding were Petrol Pumps, Transport Nagar, Highways, Workshops, Dhabas, and Hardware shops.

We utilized the IEC (Invite, Engage & Convert) and MPO (Mandatory, Preferred & Optional) models to guide our branding approach for Blackbuck. We put emphasis on dividing branding into traditional and utility categories, with mandatory areas of branding in a store's interior and exterior. For example, the store facade includes elements such as stairs, shutter box, pillar, shutter paint with brand logo, and signage with 3D MS backlit letters.

To increase brand recognition, we utilized various internal branding methods such as back walls, product shelves, wall paintings, welcome desks, and chandeliers. Each location hotspot had a unique branding mechanism tailored to its nature, incorporating both traditional and practical branding techniques in relevant areas.

It led to comprehensively covering the areas for truckers to be aware of the brand and take the first step to engage with it. Ultimately, offering value enablers with some kind of offer to ensure the beginning of a satisfactory relationship with the blackbuck.