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Having emerged as a leader amongst the top domestic airlines in the aviation industry, IndiGo, with a massive fleet strength of over 320 state-of-the-art aircraft, operating across 110 destinations including international, has been exploring new dimensions to scale up its business operations nationwide quite aggressively. 

In a bid to acquire a larger market share by roping in major independent ticketing channel partners and agents, the airline while holding high-level talks with key decision-makers from D’Art, in line with the bigger objective to gain a stronger foothold in the air-travel segment and drive higher bookings, remained keen on to identify new possibilities for the creation of an integrated pan-India booking network. 

Being a pioneer in crafting phenomenal interiors and shaping robust brand identities, D’Art as a leader in defining exceptional growth trajectories for big businesses, tapped on its excellence to establish and strengthen the airline’s on-ground ticketing network by the industry dynamics unfolding within the aviation sector, for triggering strong incremental growth. 

As the dynamics in the Indian aviation landscape continues to change due to mergers and acquisitions causing immense disruption in the sector, the incorporation of game-changing strategies to the core business operational framework became highly crucial to complement the airline’s market positioning and credibility of being the foremost go-to airline for domestic travel. 

Commenced post series of dialogues with the nodal officials from the airlines and target channel partners, Retail Transformation as part of a massive project was proposed and initiated parallel to the preparation of new roadmaps. Reflecting immense faith in the excellence of the agency in shaping businesses into brands and defining absolute success through exceptional concepts and market-driven strategies, the move by the airline to associate with the agency to strengthen its on-ground booking network was a decisive step to establish a greater presence, ensure faster bookings and make in-person itinerary-planning a delightful experience. With a sharp focus on competitive pricing and ensuring best-in-class in-flight hospitality to outlast the competitors in the market and combat future challenges effectively, the airline has been committed to venturing into new directions. 

Envisioning the airline’s rapid business growth and dramatic surge in inquiries and rate of bookings, experts from the agency while working on key aspects to amplify the brand visibility through strategic conceptualizations on outlook enhancement and façade design initiated striking end-to-end revamp of the outlets to turn into exclusive ticketing centres for IndiGo. 

While the on-ground execution for branding of the outlets gained momentum, the experts from the agency interacted with the ticketing agents to suggest new approaches and practices for relationship-building with prominent business clients. The interiors upon exploration were found to be highly cluttered and hence taking the challenge to project the brand in a bigger light through the incorporation of new-age branding concepts, a three-core strategic action plan was formulated and brought into place. 

Aimed at elevating spaces astonishingly within outlets with brand-focused merchandising and creating a seamless navigational journey to generate higher walk-ins, the project combined rigorous space-design execution and powerful branding across the front-facing outlook, stressing the brand name to create strong brand recall. 

As part of the strategic revamp of the outlets, the spaces were installed with bold navigation signages to better guide customers approach the right dedicated wing for consultation, booking, travel-planning or financial support. With the intelligent overhaul from scratch, the transformation through space optimisation and conceptualisation on defining key intersections within the outlet was initiated. Began with the change of interiors in a phased manner, the project stretched over the standard branding work to highly sophisticated space design practices and detailed layout planning. 

Reflecting on IndiGo’s great standing and repute, the remarkable deliberations on identifying new growth prospects and bolstering the nationwide ticketing network have paved the way to a new beginning, forging an ever-lasting association between the two leaders. While IndiGo continues to dominate the domestic air travel market and is set to emerge as a global aviation giant, D’Art with its strong legacy remains committed to complement the growth of the airline to new horizons, and beyond.