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The paradox of choice for consumers is as rapid as digitization across the globe. Amidst the clamor of brands shouting hoax beliefs and values, there is a declining trust in institutions. Hence, D'ART doesn't just act as a brand positioning consultant; it prompts retailers to become good brand citizens who dissect their value proportion and unites a consumer's heart & mind at one stance.

The people of today are searching for brands with larger-than-life experiences for consumers in their chests. The complexity of the modern market is its wants from retailers to excel in the product segment and differentiate in terms of brand identity.

That's why we preach market branding conceptualization from the vantage point of brand mavens; we intensify essentiality and unfilteredness over extravagance. We work towards building relationships with clients where they regard us as brand managers and confidants.

To see the light at the end of the tunnel, a brand should assimilate the values with the wants of their customer, and that's how D'ART practices the modus operandi to make brands in the image of an entity that comprehends the magnitude of culture, Environmental and economic impact.

D'ART brings spatial design, product, and brand philosophy in synergy; to reflect upon brand equity and craving a designated space to be called a brand position. Keeping in the picture the internal & external stakeholders of a brand, the strategy is always to highlight the following:

What singular value is the brand offering to its consumers?

With the shifting demeanor of carefully choosing where to spend money, consumers seek products that offer value for money. Everything counts in corporate branding---from promotional techniques to pricing structure and value for environmental scenarios. Hence, as brand consulting agency, we propose brands to rely on developing human connections by reimagining the brand's value and investing in strategies like Brand Activation.

As part of the brand activation strategy, we worked with brands like HITACHI, where we brought the perspective of conceptualizing a space upon the campaign "Live Product Experience in a Live Environment" through 3D Visuals and a "Connectivity display" method. This led to customers experiencing HITACHI products in an ambiance that felt similar to their living room or bedroom. Hence, establishing the brand's philosophy in the consciousness of the customer.

Can businesses of any size go for a brand positioning consultant?

Yes, any business size in retail or, for that matter, other industries can choose to avail of the services of a brand positioning consultant. The consultant will analyze and evaluate the business’s vision and objective to tailor-make their approach and strategies.

How to measure the brand positioning strategy’s success?

Metrics such as brand awareness, store footfall, sales figures (in particular product section or overall), customer engagement, and market share help judge how far the strategy has been successfully implemented. Every strategy has certain KPIs which easily enable you to track your growth.

How to know if I need Brand Positioning consulting?

Any retail brand can take the expert opinion and hire a brand consultant for better-optimized growth. But it's time to fetch in a professional if you clearly lack the potential to make a mark and stand distinct in the market. They will help analyze all the areas of improvement and magnify the brand’s image.

What services does a Brand Positioning Consultant offer?

A brand consultant might have a specific set of services under their radar. Still, most have a broader spectrum consisting of market research, target audience analysis, competitor analysis, brand positioning through consistent and coherent brand messaging through multiple channels, and loyalty programs inside stores that would include Brand Activations.

Does your service include only consultation or Strategy Implementation too?

We have both under our services. We do not just help brands choose the right strategy and make the right choices for their brand, but we also help them implement it in the right areas if they need more knowledge.