Directors Of D'ART

We create the design with five senses and yes, this makes us unique!

We call ourselves – WARRIORS

The battle of design that we want to win is CONFLICT.

Each day creating something that never existed before.

Yes, designing “CHANGE” is what we live and die for.

D’ART is just 4 years old, 8 countries hold our presence.

Serving 35+ top notch MNC’s globally right from design to deployment.

We aim to cover 200+ countries with a worldwide presence and make our clients happy.

Syed Shahnawaz Zaidi

Global Director - Retail Strategy

Deepak Kumar

Global Director - Operations

Sameer Khosla

Global Director - Design

D’Art Design is Retail Design Agency with a true amalgamation of design and manufacturing services.

We designs for people who are interacting with your brand. Also, here we come up with innovative solutions to your problems by providing your store with a new dimension altogether using diverse shapes and filling it up with different colours and textures.

Our focus is to create a brand experience that creates customer loyalty for the brand. We help you create a brand image that will solve your problems. Here we frame design strategies using our 5 senses and intermix it with the new technologies which make us exclusive from others.

We understand our clients and help them in creating a retail environment that influences the consumer’s engagement with the brand.

We are a formidable team of inquisitive designers and thinkers with expertise on design integration driven by ‘accelerating brand love' for our esteemed clients. The ability to work together as an integrated team is inside our DNA, and we’ve embraced it at every level.

D’art endeavour is to provide holistic branding solutions in India & across the globe. We focus on serving our clients effectively wherever they need our services.

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