Retail Sales & Operations Management

Premises Management Keeping up with advances in technology. Setting and maintaining safety standards. Determining Working Hours of Store. It majorly depends upon the target audience, retailed products, and store location. Managing Store Security.

Planning and training Develop the skills necessary to create knowledgeable, quick-to-react, and personable retail employees. Ensure that behaviors are developed that will lead to increased sales and a positive customer experience.

Supply Chain Management Managing materials, information, and finances throughout the production process from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Integrating and coordinating these flows within and outside of a retail establishment.

Logistics As part of our storage and transportation service, we handle all aspects of storage and movement in your warehouse, including receiving, storing, packing, and tracking your products.

Retail Sales & Operations Management

Lights, Camera, Action! – Yes, the real game is to get that SALE, period. And that too with Ops practices. Everyone in the market is eyeing these ‘Post services’, and for their effective course of execution. Retail Sales Operations Management is the key to achieving. Plus, accomplishing it at minimum costs with high returns is the need turned to desire. With the innovative disruptions that are surfacing faster than ever, now.


At first, by studying the customer behavior from various industrial shifts through technologies like heat mapping, ultima AI, etc. from our tech-partners. Post analyzing the insights, we deploy data science to formulate the customer movement in-store and out-store. The journey of the customer while shopping and strolling at the same time is proportional to its intellectual perceptions of the brand. And that comes from the branding and advertising that the brand has done to chase the consumer down. As we know in the current time, the chase is different. And the O2O (online to offline) intervention has led the industry to new horizons. Buying patterns are affected in a disruptive manner.

So, the need for the store, supply chain, and internal operations to be managed in sync with current market inclinations. We create a perfect mix by inculcating our expert workforce with rich experience in Retail Operations Management.


In Retail Business Operations Management, we graph out every inch of the business to make it a profitable stature with -

• Retail Store Management –

The fundamental source and the place of customer interaction are managed on various parameters, namely:

▪ SKU management.

▪ Staff organization, inventory, and expenses – short and long term.

▪ High profitable store/brand image.

▪ Internal/External Communications.

▪ Assets Compliance.

• Premises Management –

The premises of a store need to be covered as a whole with effective sales and operations planning. Largely dependent on the products, place, and store’s target audience. Commemorating store’s security, staff scheduling, and track of transactions in an efficient manner. We deploy the relevant measures to ensure that the premises are in a well-controlled manner. Here again, heat mapping and ultima AI plays a vital role to track the customer stroll behavior in-store. Planogrammed accordingly, the store performs better than before in terms of sales and operations management. Moreover, our retail training services for different size of retailers from independent, multi-unit, large retail chains, vendors, and distributors makes the staff well educated about the brand, products, and customer hospitality treatments.

Validation in real-time – For a lube-giant, we commemorated sales in higher multiples of ‘x’ via sales and operations planning and training.

• Inventory Management –

IM (Inventory Management) is one of the most critical tasks in every business. Through different technologies like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), LiFi (Light Fidelity), Barcoding, robotics, etc. we carry out effective inventory management across our blue-chip clients. Post managing, we bring the inventory control by determining inventory turnover rate, inventory carrying cost percentage, GMROI, etc.

• Supply Chain Management & Logistics –

The chain that includes supplier, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and customer should be efficient enough to make retail operations smooth. On the current edge, we shockproof SCM by making it digitalized. Get deeper insights on supply chain management and logistics from our blog - WHAT’S BEING “SHOCK-PROOF” WHILE DECIDING ON SUPPLY CHAINS?

• Customer Service –

“Everyone can get it but it’s hard to maintain it”. But we simplify it by gelling it with enhanced customer service deliverance. By training the store resources as per hospitality measures to make the customer ‘HERO’. Right from the entry of the store to its entire store stroll leading ultimately to the POS (Point of Sale). the experience mix here brings out an enhanced shopping journey laced with experience. Plus, the collection of customer data at POP (Point of Purchase) helps further in bringing out repeat purchases by efforts that initiate loyalty towards the brand/store.


Because we bring a rich experience from the retail industry for more than half a decade now. We know the gaps that traditional markets possess and we bridge them through our conventional methods with help of immersive and disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, robotics, IoT, etc. Enabling them with our modus operandi, we have amalgamated them for various brands in –

1. Management of Inventory Management right from warehousing.

2. Counter sales tracking and reporting.

3. Ops training.

4. Audit and Maintenance

5. Score Card (as image attached) that showcases our stats on the above pointers.

Plus, our presence across 8 nations has led us to cater our services to top multinationals from different industries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What impact did disruptive technologies have on retail sales and operations management?

Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, blockchain, etc. had created a certain level of automation in retail operation management. Plus, they are giving an upper hand to the retailers in risk management.

How premises management is making retailing effective?

Managing premises in a store is one of the lucrative tasks while performing store operations management. The store’s security, staff scheduling, and track of transactions should be reviewed at intervals that can vary from monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly.

How digitization has added a ‘shock-proof’ element to supply chain management?

Implementing digitization has reduced delivery time significantly. Predictive analysis is providing a specific forecast of both internal and external factors. The transparency added trust to the whole supply chain system and in the brand. Customer can track their order by him/ themselves. Moving to the cloud has integrated the future into the present.

How RFID is emerging as the future of retail?

Though this technology is being used by most retailers. It will play its bit in shaping the future of logistics and sales. Effectivity can be graphed out from its being – data error-free & transparent, intact even in unpleasant environmental conditions, providing real-time updates, a key driver in increasing productivity of workers, and alleviating the possibilities of theft & loss.

What impact do internal operations have on an organization?

Internal operations of any organization put a direct impact on overall productivity. Operation management is a task or science that can be debated on any podcast or webinar. But effective management through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) programs in various departments of the company.

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