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Retail Space Design

We Design Accordingly!

The eminent author and futurologist Alvin Toffler forecasted four revolutionary changes. One of these presented ideas included the concept of the ‘Bubble Zone Wave’ where an idea will come, pop out, and it would die. As the world rapidly changes, it brings variation and radical changes at frequent intervals.

People wouldn’t have the hour to cope and form a stance about this change before it melts and vanishes. Hence, one needs to be aware of this possibility to comprehend this world forecast, future consumers, services, and clients. And this is what we call "We design Accordingly".

This enormous responsibility takes the shape of conviction for D’ART to create designs that not just take a scientific approach but also be proactive to this change of Bubble Zone because once the idea comes and bursts out, there can be no retake.

So building a connection with channel partners and consumers in comprehending the product/service/communication and much more should be in the same context while provoking a sales action.

We always ensure that our designs justify the very purpose of our intervention concerning expectations, sales, visibility, consumer behavior, and consumer experience. Therefore, for us, space design is the creation of a brand persona rather than merely giving up color, shape, and size.

We work based on the distinction in categories of the market:

a) Premium branding spaces

b) Middle-class branding spaces

c) Mass consumer branding spaces

All these markets need different layout design treatments because, in every market, the consumer's ask is other in terms of a visual treat, engagement areas, hospitality, product/service consultation, and more. Hence, we design customized design identities per the need analysis of the brand, market, and consumer.

Therefore, as a retail design agency, we know different perspectives. If we see the sequencing from a B2B perspective, there is a product/service that needs to sell through a distributor, then a dealer, and then a retailer; this chain needs to go through a Gap Analysis to arrive at the final design intervention areas.

Branding Space Design

Our Design Principles

Store Layout

Store layout sketching is the most crucial stage of design. The urban world real estate is quite expensive, killing the rentals and the increased probability of stores shutting down. Therefore, the responsibility of driving ROI from every inch of the store falls upon the design agency. Our scientific approach and processes, coupled with highly experienced designers, give us an enormous advantage in developing unique store layout designs through proper retail store layout planning for our prestigious clients.

Store Layout Design

Space Design

We work on the IEC model while designing any space to consider three essential aspects, i.e., Invite, Engage, and Convert. This design tool helps us to drive a considerable amount of eyeballs toward the desired space. Hence, we ensure the design services' purpose.

Retail Store Design

Retail design

Looking in today’s context, Retail design is more science and drama and less art. We enable retail store layout designs with what the consumer seeks as an experience and what the brand wants to deliver to the end user. We act as a shop design catalyst to produce the desired retail store design with deep analytics on various aspects like brand ethos, target consumer, aesthetics, phygital, engagement, hospitality, and much more. We leave no stone unturned to deliver the best retail store layout designs.

Retail Design

The Design Philosophy on which D'Art works is E.U.T(Enroll, Upgrade, and Transform) model

"Hold hands of masses and classes together"

Enrol – Our design enrolls masses to establish retail at a low cost and optimum visibility.

Upgrade – Our design upgrade masses to establish retail on mid-cost with excellent visibility.

Transform - Our design transforms mid-players into market leaders with the best visibility.

When you hire us, your brand is rewarded by:

Brand Identity: Implicating brand identity for communicating from pilot projects to scalable roll-outs. Following an even brand expression.

ROI-driven design: Design that provides swift ROI. A win-win situation by capturing targeted audiences and influencing the rest.

3D visualisation: Before prototypes, we make you visualize your whole design concept through 3D renderings. Touch-n-feel, show-n-tell, lighting, colors, more accurately.

Project management: End-to-end support. We will manage your project right from the concept to its completion. What was visualized in 3D renders will be conveyed as it is in real-time.

Our Global Director - Design Mr. Sameer Khosla quoted the words of Dr. Ralph Speth:

"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design"

Frequently Asked Questions

How retail spaces are targeted while deciding on markets?

Retail spaces are designed as per the need of the market, consumer profiling, habits, brand’s unique selling point. Moreover, on every retail format expenditure on the design of the space (that brand does) is directly proportional to the ROI post-execution. Store layout designs go hand-in-hand with it.

How do need gap analysis while arriving at the final design?

The final design is just a repercussion of challenges solved while finalizing the sweet spot between need and the gaps that would be filled for the brand through the whole space design intervention process. Primarily, they are mapped through studying the competition, weak gripped points, and the equity it possesses amongst its audience.

Are physical stores still capable of providing retail experience?

From the conventional and modern psyche, physical stores were and will be (most prolly) capable of catering experiences – not just they are undergoing through digital intervention – instead, they are being transformed to solve a bigger purpose of handling experiences. The tech will always gel out well with experiences (mind-mapped).

Are brands ready to adopt artificial intelligence?

It's inevitable, with no existences ignored. The scope, the practicality, and the cope-up with the competition are what 2022 is all about. The adoption brackets will be of forceful tonalities and brands just have to accept Artificial Intelligence as a culture. A shop design is made influential with it.

Importance behind sketching a retail store layout?

The direction of the consumer needs to be sketched before the final design deliverance. The experience journey is to be defined throughout the retail store and the layout just depicts the brain behind sketching it. The other important handclap is the ROI that needs to be driven in an exponential form.

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