Hitachi Experience Center

Hitachi Experience Center

For Hitachi’s newly launched – Fourth Global Development Center (GDC) at Kadi, Gujarat, D’Art was shared with a ‘scratch thought about what they look in an Experience Center Design. Where the challenge was to scrap out the traditional way of creating storyline(s) around the product demonstration.

With the three-section segregation – RAC (Room Air Conditioner), PAC (Packed Refringent System), and VRF (Variable Refringent System) the approach of the whole design i.e. “Live Product Experience in a Live Environment” was to be accomplished while creating an interesting storyline at the same time.

So, D’Art went for its weaponry ‘Product Zone’ approach instead of the ‘Product Display’ approach. This touchdown to the design worked out well in increasing and enhancing both – Shopper Journey and Product Visibility.

Conjugating the Product Line with the USP in addition to RTB’s was also a tough task to shoulder. For this tough deck, D’Art used 3D visuals with the ‘Connectivity Display’ approach, where the product was made capable of self-demonstrate itself.

Hitachi Experience Center Rollout

Hitachi Experience Center Design

Hitachi Experience Center Deployment

Hitachi India Retail Experience Center

Hitachi India Experience Center Design

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