Retail Visual Merchandising Solutions

Visual Merchandising Solutions
Visual - The 1/16th Second!

“According to biological sciences, it is a fact that an image only retains for 1/16th of a second on the retina of our eye and vanishes after if we don’t look again.”

We work on that very scientific fact to retain the visuals in the consumers’ memory lane so it gets retained for a longer period of time.

What’s Our Understanding?

IIn D’Art’s Oxfords’, it interprets Visual Merchandising as perceptive experiential storytelling. Cutting the illusions, we help brands present their products and services in a direct manner through our visual merchandising services. So, the experience would be surreal. We apply the ethics of Retail Merchandising in a way that it should represent our hundred with the client in very B2B means. Visual Merchandising Solutions is what we provide and are known for to initiate the journey via clients’ to the end-consumer.


Our unique solutions to retail visual merchandising

Applying the “Rule of Three” we include the industrial nuts and bolts in our unique solutions to visual merchandising.

A well-said line by Harvard Business Professor Geral Zaltman,

“95% of purchase decisions are sub-conscious.”

We truly agree with him and deliver accordingly our Retail Merchandising Services.

Like we give importance to ‘open-spaces’ while designing, there are more elements that we could include in the above space like:

Elevated Display

Corner Display

Semi-closed Display

Island Display

Shadow Box Display

Acrylic Display

Doodle Designs



Shelf Talkers

Lower Level Lighting

Display Rack Lighting

Change Room Lighting


Focal Points are what we, consider as our clients’ “Get Down To Business”. They act as the centerpiece of a visual merchandise design with which the consumers can have a ‘first-hand’ experience with our clients’ products. With focal points, we have added ‘Color Usages’ to our ‘101s’. Because color usages play a great role to provide a visual treat and the balance they create is what you should hire us for.


Retail Merchandising

Because D’Art provides Visual Merchandising Solutions for Retailers & Brands with efficacy in this highly competitive market.

We see the market from the ‘Two-Faced’ view:

The above presented ‘Faced’ differentiation is the market scenario from the past 50 years and it hasn’t changed till yet. To break the monotony, D’Art views itself as the bridge between them, as we are having an excellent team of designers who have a rich manufacturing background. The combination of these skillsets are perfect in every way as we understand deeply the value of an innovative design with the perspective of deployment and realize a brand and how important is visual merchandising to create a brands’ identity. This integrated approach of D’Art results in over 350 ventures and more than 2000 flagship stores.

We are leaders on both ends:

1. World’s Biggest Design Award - A’ Design 2020 won by us.

2. 20,000+ stores per year delivered from [Design+Production+Deployment]

This Deadly Combination makes us the BEST CHOICE OF THE MARKET TO HIRE US.

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