W For Women

w for women

Analyzing from the perception towards W’s stores to adding the ‘WOW’ factor. We amalgamated experience on the lines that act parallelly when both apparels and cosmetics come hand-in-hand. Moreover, the storyline was built and integrated on the fact that ‘how we can conclude the existence of apparels with cosmetics at the same time and the same place’.

W Store Design

Deciding via character(s) – Consumer, Fashion/Cosmetic Consultants, and the Space (where the story was to be integrated) validated the whole design.

W Retail Identity Design

Tackling the whole issue of integrating design and customer experience. D’art focused on straitening the customer-brand bond. Shaping the distinct impression in the customer’s mind was essential.

Retail Identity Design

Therefore, every element was weaved seamlessly to create a tangible positive experience while keeping simplicity and the customer’s natural intuition at the forefront. Furthermore, merging the apparel and cosmetic aspects stitched with space and design to enhance the customer expertise while making the customer journey more efficient.

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