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Since the dawn of time, humans have been searching for commodities that help them meet ends. They want to find solutions to problems that closely serve the purpose of becoming a better version of themselves. The brands of this millennium need to work on this school of thought and need a solution to reach the end user.

Now, understanding the seller’s journey in creating the solution and meeting with the user is the primary definition of a Retail Solution. However, D’ART believes in upending the conventional retail rule book and playing by thinking distinctly because a shopper’s journey is evolving rapidly today.

For us, retail solutions are finding the whitespace of opportunities by studying the market and listening to the brand more closely. And when we do that, our comprehensive retail business solution entails the,

IEC Model (Invite, Engage & Convert)

The varying segmentation of future consumers would be the driving force of the retail industry, and to keep them appeased, brands cannot run out of steam. They need to find the socio-retail angle and connect with the consumers. To do this, they must push their limits to develop a retail branding solution that links their objective with the consumer’s choice of action.

At D’ART, we emphasize this comprehensive picture of creating a brand ecosystem by comprising elements beyond design thinking and standing firm behind the brands to deliver anticipated, personal and relevant thoughts consumers want.

We understand the ideology of building a human-to-human connection, and that becomes the crux of the model:

Invite the Consumer through an extrinsic exterior

Inviting a customer inside a store might be a resembling scenario to inviting guests at home. So the exterior of the retail store outlet, especially MBOs (Multi-Brand Outlets), should emit a more welcoming aura. Also, the need to position the store amidst the noise of competitors becomes a necessary evil.

Hence, CI or Corporate Identity becomes an obtrusive element where the outer fascia shouldn’t be cluttered but visually organized to explicitly highlight the Brand signage board, visible access or entry point, Window Displays, promotional offer displays, and more.

Evidently, as a proficient retail solution company, we work through the process by viewing the bigger picture like your customer, and adjusting the signages and relevant messages at the level of High Point. Beyond these elements, the catchment also plays a crucial role in identifying the demographic that would take a keen interest in observing the store from the outside. So, it’s all in studying the market and the brand.

Engage the customer through a Wholesome Interior

Now that you have got the customers to come inside through an intelligent positioning of the store’s corporate identity, the next level battleground is the propensity to interest & engage them. As a brand, you need to bring in all the elements of a retail solution to get the ROI; however, ditching the all-knowing attitude would work best because self-perceived understanding wouldn’t present the answer to the consumer.

Showrooms are not just a space but a place for people to connect and experience. So, it is crucial to view it from a designer's eye and enhance the Shop Identity (SI) to entice the consumer’s eye and buy point. Converting the store into an experience zone with a reassurance desk for seeking solutions, Helps desks to understand more about the product, sets the fixtures and pop-ups depending on the product category, enables wayfinding through signage navigation, and sets a theme that innovatively expresses the tone of the brand.

There has to be a certain level of immersiveness brought in while detailing the appropriate salient features and offers on the product.

Convert to extend brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is earned when you have mastered the ability to entice the consumer through experiential retail making them feel homely and connected. The modern-day consumer seeks value from every nook and corner of the store; when they find it, they won’t look for the specific product anywhere else.

With expertise in Retail interior design solutions, when we take a bird’s eye at the brand’s ecosystem, we want the space to actively translate what the consumer wants and enable them with a solution just the way they like. And that would also involve training the staff to employ cross-selling strategy at the transaction counter presuming an additional need of the consumer.

While we create our strategy based on this model, we also consider ourselves a Turnkey Retail solution provider who values sustainability as much as cash on the profit enabled by successful brand identity.

What is included in your Retail Solutions?

We have designed the retail solutions comprehensively, looking at the recent requisites from our clients and acknowledging what matters to brands. We deliver end-to-end solutions to retail businesses, from Store audits, inventory management, in-store technology, and branding to store design & implementation.

How can retail solutions help to improve customer experience?

Retail Solutions has a whole ecosystem of technology and solutions that cater to different aspects of operation inside the store. From technology that offers real-time inventory information to personalizing consumer recommendations, each can better contribute to consumer touchpoints. It streamlines store operations, improves customer experience, and increases sales.

Can I choose one single service under Retail Solutions?

Yes, depending on your requirement, you can choose the solution which fits your business. We also consult businesses to make the right decision while filtering through these solutions for the best possible outcome.

Is Retail Technology separate from Services?

Yes, technology is separate from our services, but both come under one umbrella of retail solutions. Brands can segregate their need for technology or service as per their plan of action for the business.