Event and Activation Services

An art backed by science: Highly engaging campaigns and activations backed with scientific approach mapped through human instincts in real time.

Higher engagements: Conveying your brand in a way that allures your audience and develops an instant connect. Connection followed by conversions followed by loyalty and brand recall, clubbed with repeat purchase.

Virtual Design Events: Use the digital format in exciting new ways. Create surreal spaces and speculative products even if they can only exist in the digital realm.

Motivation and encouragement: Encouraging words continue to trend, with larger messages of manifestation and self-confidence taking the fore.

Event and Activations Services


While curating Brand Activations, D’Art ‘ACTS’ according to the clients’ brief to deliver the service which helps in creating a unique identity for their brand.

D’Art’s interpretation about Brand Activations: -

We understand that the core of Brand Activations is ‘engagement’, that’s why we include both Artistic and Scientific approach. Innovatively conceptualized Kiosks and Engagements centers(covering under the banner of Event Promotion) attract people of every age but we go by the target audience.Trade booths, cold calling and later execute our corporate event planning.

A proper R&D is done prior to approaching the ‘execution’ stage of Brand Activations. Amassing the demographics creates our understanding of clients’ expectations and their target group. We have to study the ‘state-of-mind’ and the ‘wants’ about clients’ consumers and their purchasing behavior, which eventually leads to an effective activation.

The image on the left perfectly demonstrates our perceptive A to Z view about “ACTIVATION” as, if the ‘Art’ is not ‘New’ it will gather only a few. We also describe ourselves and our strategies between the ‘Art’ and ‘New’ acrony-ized word.

D’Art’s Principles

As discussed above, we curate everything around our ‘engagement’ objective. So, when we connect the ‘first-timers’ we do it via Corporate Meetings, Trade booths and cold calling. The other way by which we connect with our clients is ‘Referential’ where our existing clients spread their ‘Consumer Satisfaction’ experience with us to their corporate circle.

In-Engage section, we ensure our clients’ by giving them unique and experiential ideas and concepts.

We strategize them accordingly to make a ‘soul-to-product’ connection between clients’ products/services and consumers. Although this retainment is done for future conversions, brands’ building reliability and identity is all dependent on first/last impressions that were made at the activation kiosk/center.

In-convert section, we see that it is one of the widest terms from both B2B and B2C perspective. D’Art and our client works on both B2B & B2C parameters at the same time to offer and cash the best cost from end consumers. To maintain the ethics in the ‘virtual world’, often the words are “make-up-ized” and laced with sophistication and it is very necessary to use this kind of aesthetics while conversions.

Retail Activations Services

Our Balanced Point-Of-View

We are eyed from the lens as a balance between Branding and Activation Advertising. From a B2B perspective, we always strike a balance because nowadays, brand activations are digitalized and a ‘Layman’ will click on the advertisements which he/she recognizes rather than they don’t.

In this crucial time of the pandemic, we have concepts and ideas about ‘social-distanced’ brand activations like virtual events, virtual product launches, etc. But earlier, we were successfully arranging roadshows, social events, corporate events, and other branding activation events.

While Branding, creating a brand identity is our top-most concern. Like a “Brand” is committed to its end-consumers, “D’Art” is also. We go through a planned branding process which later turns out to be an effective strategy, which includes:

Retail Events Services

(R&D) > (Clarifying Strategy) > (Designing Identity) > (Creating Touchpoints) > (Managing Assets)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the frequently asked questions to an event agency?

Here are some frequently asked questions - How is event marketing done?, Are social events safe in 2022?, What are some future predictions of events and activations?, Is logo design alone enough to create the brand identity?, Is it necessary to create a promotional planning strategy for events?

How we can create an effective brand activation?

The effect or outcome of any brand activation is reciprocal to the degree of awareness building. Mapping the consumer journey with its level of consumption accompanied by demographic research helps in increasing the effectivity along with the need of the product within the radius decided. The prime goal to be achieved should remain untainted i.e. conversions.

What are some event marketing ideas for 2022?

Content is hailed as the undefeated king. Its consumption may vary with the infusion of technology. Storytelling sprinkled with effective affiliate and influencer marketing can make wonders while making genuine connections. In 2022, these ideas will be used with an enhanced approach for event planning and marketing.

What is the role of a brand activation agency?

Not like regular event planners, a brand activation agency focuses on establishing a true and long-lasting connection between the brand and its customers. It maps out the consumer journey and reaches customers directly through cutting-edge brand activations, innovative campaigns to capture the eyeball.

How long till we have to attend virtual events?

Short answer: as long as you want. Long answer, the virtual events will always be here. The answer lies in our daily routines and our social habits. We (humans) also feature a unique paradoxical state of mind, and that’s of getting habitual to circumstances very easily, and we are getting habitual to it.

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