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In a bid to contribute to the nation’s progression towards the transition to electric mobility and a better future, Prevail Electric, a new-age mobility solution providing startup and an extension of the French lubricants giant FRVelion, ever since the inception has been committed to making a strong foray in the aggressively evolving Indian EV market and roll-out a series of its striking electric vehicles.

Being a dynamic and ambitious startup, the objective behind entering the EV market was not just about offering high-end innovative mobility solutions but to emerge as a prominent player in the industry. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive market positioning strategy, the leaders by resting immense faith and belief in the robust legacy and unparalleled excellence of D’Art in turning brands into disruptors best known for shaping dynamics within their respective ecosystems, embarked on a major project to explore promising roadmaps for establishing a sound presence and positioning by penetrating the market effectively and gain substantial foothold to further intensify its operations nationwide.

Prevail Electric
Prevail Electric

Driven by the noble intent to make a mark in providing the new gen with a striking companion for great journeys and complement their inclination to do good for society and the environment at large, the entity took a giant leap into the new era to bring a new wave of positive change with its endeavours. 

Faced with the critical challenge of rising amidst the fierce competition posed by the existing and emerging rival brands currently dominating the market, defining phenomenal brand experience for the startup to set a precedent in transforming touchpoints into one-of-its-kind dedicated knowledge centres as part of a robust market penetration strategy was nothing short of a clincher. 

Taking the challenge head-on with a massive thrust, rigorous market study and business consultations came into force to define impactful projection strategies. Sustainability being the lifeblood of the startup, the quest was not just to extend the game-changing approach to create a futuristic brand outlook but stress Prevail’s true brand identity and persona quite impactfully. 

Armed with exceptional intel and understanding of the business landscape in India, the distinguished experts from the agency by concentrating on the larger brand narrative and business outlook, strategized on reflecting Prevail’s true essence in its outlook. 

Electric Vehicles Showroom Design EV Showroom Interior Design

In pursuit of unravelling the bigger purpose and vision reflecting the startup’s true essence in it’s outlook, the creative heads from D’Art decoded some of the most credible prophecies and theories on the changing world patterns proposed by noted thought legends, to strengthen the startup’s approach to growth, and to help better cope and counter future challenges to stay ahead of the curve. In line with the commitment to not just help clients make the big move and climb up the ladder but foresee the future realities on the horizon, the agency by forging ahead to bolster Prevail’s commitment to contribute to the nation’s ambition, proposed new ways to grow by the newly unfolding developments, trends and patterns that helps the brand stand tall for decades to come and adapt to new scenarios. 

To carve a visual narrative that not only sets the brand apart as a disruptor but resonates in a big way with the young, a strategic blueprint for setting the place ablaze with new-world elements and conceptualisation on defining the intersections, was built on the core premise of transforming the place into a canvas featuring the startup’s mission to revolutionize the e-mobility space with advanced innovation and new-age tech. 

Yet, as in the realm of creativity, challenges are meant to be embraced as opportunities, creating an exceptional customer journey besides image-building and ensuring a high-degree of sophistication at the experience centres was paramount to challenging the status quo and go beyond the ordinary to fuse the vision into design that captivates the attention astonishingly. 

With sharp concentration on creating depth and volume across quarters within the centre, the blueprint focused on bringing unmatched exclusivity to the entire view. With deliberations on intelligent layout planning to cut the clutter to building a spectacular front-facing outlook with a giant façade strongly inspired by the geometrical intricacies, creates a superb glimpse for capturing the attention putting the brand persona in massive spotlight. Personifying a futuristic appeal that goes with the brand identity,  the amplified branding was meant to be central to the remarkable appeal. 

Electric Vehicles Showroom Design EV Showroom Interior Design

Specially meant to elevate projection to the next level, the ideation on interiors entailed an unflinching approach to incorporate the use of sustainable material in line with the brand ethos, values and stance. Extending to the length and breadth of the outlook, the design conceptualisation was meant to make spaces stand out as a vanguard encompassing functionality and imagination coherently. From developing a compelling narrative to turning the space into a spectacular place featuring a dashing product line straight from the future, a tactical approach to maintain stunning clarity across various intersections within centres was brought to the forefront. 

Besides the outlook, a calculated approach to present the products the right way, the elevated podiums and protruding walls turned out to be an excellent approach for complementing the product presentation dramatically. Placed against the backdrop of a massive display for an immersive experience into the new world, the podiums as strategized were meant to bring products alive.

Electric Showroom Design

With absolute attention to enhancing the customer experience and fostering engagement, adedicated specialty lounge as a community hub for the enthusiasts was identified as fundamental in encouraging interaction and knowledge sharing further to strengthen the brand ties with target communities. At the heart of the exceptional design thinking on mapping the customer’s journey, the VR hub as a specialised zone to let enthusiasts indulge in an extraordinary experience of riding with VR glasses.

To strike the right chord with the young, perfection and simplicity being at the core of the design strategy, the Health Café as the biggest attraction at centres was proposed to be established to drive informed 

sales and purchase behaviour, featuring the entire range of quality gear and educate clients through expert-led sessions. While the journey from inception to defining the brand outlook and projection would complement Prevail’s identity in the competitive EV market and help gain the trust and loyalty of conscious consumers, the startup is on its way to emerge as a leading player and bring a positive change in the society by introducing high-end innovative mobility solutions to the new gen.