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A branding agency is a multi-faceted brand aggregator personifying the brand to create a visible impact on consumer psychology and build an emotional connection, making them their allies in choosing the right product. D'ART assumes the role of this aggregator who does more than negotiating on behalf of consumers to create a positive experience with brands but casts opinion in areas like logistics and supply chain and roots all branding functionality toward gratifying brand culture.

As we begin to decode the briefs from the clients, the primary rule is to insert the tangible & intangible elements of a brand's personality. D'ART reckons that in-store experience is an indispensable component of retail branding, but emphasizing one fragment becomes a deal breaker for consumers. Meeting the consumers halfway is how it is supposed to be.

So branding should be based upon visual and ecological identity as their coalition makes a brand form a halo upon their heads and let consumers see an absolute angel inside their favorite retailers. While D'ART helps brands become benefactors to consumers, it completely discards the mere wish-granting system without substantial proof of value. The value which goes beyond the bounds of economic pursuits.

As a creative branding agency, we finetune our final strategy by scanning the market trends. We actively include data science as one piece of the puzzle. Moving forward, we work in unison with the brands to build a luculent picture of a brand's culture supporting multiple values outside economic gains.


The initial communication with the brand led us to visualize some horrors, pulling back its endeavor to engage the consumers. So post our signature brief session with the client, we did our usual R&D to understand what factors need to be retraced to conclude. After comparing the market trends with the current scenario of the retail brand, it was clear that the in-store layout wasn't very lucrative, and the essence of tech was missing.

Hence, we implemented the store layout with a tech experience zone at the right places:

  • A master brand housed sub-brands in a single store layout, allowing consumers to interact with them and build a purchase intent.
  • Every apparel had a category. Different island fixtures were placed for formal & informal wear
  • The outside of the store had a digital "YOU CAN BECOME OUR BRAND AMBASSADOR" display giving every consumer a unique sense of identity
  • A live experience zone was designed based on a product-centric approach. Someone looking to buy climbing shoes could try them on a climbing setup inside the store, or someone looking to purchase running shoes could try them on a treadmill.
  • The billing counter was opposite a digital wall which seemed like a customer walking on a ramp-like structure saying, "STEP UP, EXPLORE NEXT".
  • To engage kids, place the fun mirrors near the fitting area.

From design concepts to activations to reframing the message that would go to people, all of it is augmented by looking at the market for the product and what form of sustainability they seek from brands. Hence, being a luxury branding agency, we consider the knowledgeable sect of buyers who want technology to intercept only when they are in a dilemma of making a decision.

What is a branding agency?

A branding agency is typically the manager of brands, specializing in helping brands create an identity that vibes well with the business objective and target persona. The job of a branding agency is to design a distinct business personality in the industry and market.

How can a branding agency help businesses improve customer loyalty and retention?

A branding agency is responsible for enabling businesses to create an exponentially impressive brand identity that influences a positive interaction throughout a consumer touchpoint. The strategies include identity design and message creation, creating an emotional connection between the brand and consumers.

What all industries do you serve as a Branding Agency?

We are a retail branding agency helping brands with practical and creative strategies, each forming an individual impression on the target consumers and enhancing their growth for years.

Can you help me develop a brand strategy for multiple store locations?

Yes, we help brands design a coherent brand strategy that could be applied across multiple store locations. But we ensure to be thorough and customize the plan based upon the store's location, reading the local market trends and consumer preferences to attract a target audience from the area.