"Isn't it so ironic to integrate all three fundamentals of human existence – Money, Pleasure, and Power in a single app; with no effort and just a swipe? So much so it only takes a swipe to move on to the next and forget the rest. The realization that Whatever you choose to do. There would be endless other options waiting for you. While brands have you moving in circles. Customers on the other hand have brands on their tips. With so many brands available at our fingertips, shoppers assume that there's always another option, a better deal to be found out there and this thinking seems to reach no end"

Such customer behaviour has caused a sharp decline in brand loyalty and created an alarming situation for the brands. If the brands fail to hook their customer right from the beginning, they would lose them. And why not, a price change can shift people's preferences as easily.

Technology has changed how we experience and build relationships with brands. Reviews, comments, and statements from a complete stranger can impact the brand and customer relationship.

Apparently, our attention spans are getting shorter. But it's not completely accurate. People watch hours-long shows. How do their creators keep them hooked? Similar goes for your brand. How you initially get people to notice your brand is the dilemma. The solution to it look something like this: you must ensure that the potential customers are interested in what you have to offer. So, the secret recipe is not only to be attentive but also to be relevant to your audience.

Brands aren't created in a vacuum, and the successful ones are the ones who pay attention to and recognize their core demographic. A successful brand is as successful as its understanding of its customers. And by getting feedback from their customers, brands only gain understanding and refocus on what matters most. When brands are obsessed with learning about their customer and their experience stays intact throughout, is what makes them the strongest.

But people's identities are longer dependent on the background they are born into. They are building themself from scratch and the way brands used to tap into their customer psyche doesn’t hit the mark anymore. Today, when customers are so aware of everything, they want to do better not just for themselves but also for the environment. Hence only willing to associate with brands that hold similar values as them.

Therefore, understanding the needs of the consumer involves a great deal of intricacy. If collecting individual insights is only done for marketing and not actually for building a long-term relationship with them. The very outlook becomes the first step that influences the downfall of the greatest brands which takes away their reputation in the long run as well.

Customers have the same chance to buy from you when they discover about your brand on social media as they would have if they were in front of your retail store looking through the display window. It is the same for your competition as well. Therefore, if you want your targeted audience to prefer you over others. Ensure that whatever it is, catches their attention, is relevant to them, easy to get to, and worth it.

People have forgotten that these platforms are merely tools for reaching an audience. They are not independent of themselves. The lack of a thorough understanding of what messages and through what channels, the brands can connect and which ones would be most relevant often prevents them from not only reaching their audience but also failing to deliver appropriate ROI for their efforts.

The problem with brands is that they spend money on marketing methods that don't work for their prospective customers, they broadcast their brand story to people who will never engage. Companies can only gain a true ROI from marketing by actively engaging prospects before they make a purchase.

It, therefore, boils down to relevance. To make your customer pause. You must be pertinent to them. Understanding your audience. What interests them? What do they do? How do they browse? How can a brand make the experience as simple and fun as possible?

Additionally, comprehend their demands. Are there any difficulties or problems that might be keeping them away from you as a potential customer? If yes, how can the company address the issue? It could be that you as a brand losing clients because of out-of-date methods and failing to change the way you interact with your customers. Because, here’s the thing: you look out for your customer and the customer would also be on the lookout for your brand, no matter the competitive landscape.