Heatmap Analysis

Heatmap Analysis

Keep an eye… through AI!

"Capturing human behavior, left to right, becomes a flagbearer of a brand strategy, giving a much swifter upshot."

The overhaul of surveillance from local shop retailers to CCTVs to AI-enabled software has been a mix of governmental regulation, safety guidelines, insurance, and the need to comprehend the evolving human behavior. As the eon moved towards anodyne technological advancements, some primary augmentations in the camera led to the development of Heatmap.

The next wave of tech got AI to be integrated within the camera, which enabled and upgraded a basic heatmap technology to perform analytics and data crunching for the retailers to move further into optimizing their brand strategy.

But now, the future is recasting it from an eye-tracking device to an auto-robot with an enabled voice mode telling marketers and retailers to make iterations to their strategy for better brand positioning. This dynamic shift in the software is also shifting the power dynamic for retailers to make the right choice and implement improved in-store consumer experiences.

From a B2B viewpoint, heatmaps function as a tracer of sales by enabling the efficiency of all entities in and outside the store. Being an agency with extensive ideas, D’ART realizes its role in understanding the deals that matter to its clients. From shelving the camera surveillance for knowing the real-time analytics to the conversion funnel, we do it all!

Though we design the ‘flagships’ best for our clients, we also help them get a predictive analysis through store heatmap analysis of their consumers, which is the gold standard. Motion sensors are built-in into the CCTV surveillance, which maps out the usability testing, in other words, UIUX testing.

D'Art deploys its research services before the digital layout, which leads to more user engagement at every corner of the retail store. Our retail analytics help our prestigious clients scale up the purchase behavior of their end consumers.

Heat Mapping - The Equaliser for Brick and Mortar!

Heat map analysis (shopper-behavior insights) provides an overview of a consumer’s precise zone when they visit the store. The brighter the spot, the more consumers are engaged in that area. We call these zones 'hotspots'.

By analyzing these hotspots, D'Art provides detailed confetti and overlay reports to its clients to map out the store’s consumer behavior. Viewing these reports, we suggest the areas work and re-structure for bringing in more consumers, particularly to 'that' section of the store.

Also, with the specific spike in ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), retailers rely on us to track "how their consumers shop". Moreover, they are more interested in the former than "what their consumers buy".


Predictive analysis: From the data collected by heatmap-enabled tracking cameras, we help you to predict future sales.

Result-oriented viewpoint: Analyzing the store’s data from various touchpoints to present a result-oriented outlook, enough to drive future sales and loyalty.

Real-time analytics: From various touch points like demographic count, POS traffic, customer cool level, and store stroll analysis; we provide live and real-time analytics.

Graphing the sales: From real-time analytics, we develop a predictive analysis with a result-oriented viewpoint to graph your brand's sales and customer loyalty.


Our precise understanding of the segregated viewpoints of ‘B2B and B2C’ makes us a 'maestro', and our quirk to be the prime becomes a perfect blend to hire us. Moreover, D’Art every time delivers a hundred more than what it promises to the clients. Hence, these five norms give you a clear about us:

Quality Service: Like discussed earlier, top-notch, unquestionable quality is vowed by D'Art after delivering to more than 150+ supreme clients.

Result-Oriented: D'Art approaches in a result-oriented manner that enables our clients to rely on us.

On-time Delivery: The quality provided with a result-oriented viewpoint laced with our discipline of on-time deliverance makes us stand out from the lens of our competitors.

Reliability: It's all about trust, which we know comes from a time and deliverance behavior. Professional take while performing the former helps us gain the faith of our prestigious clients.

Transparency: We are not the scapegoats of the industry because what we do is laced with clarity and is the norm we always work upon.

A digital eye is always required to manage loopholes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in-store retail analytics?

The insights that are gathered by a software-enabled technology ‘heatmaps’. They capture every movement of the consumer. From their headcount, demographics, their most/least visited areas in the store, are they coming in groups or individually, their hyper-breaking journey, etc. All these insights are commemorated under the broad term ‘in-store analytics.

How to generate a heatmap?

There are many tools available from software to applications. One can generate heatmaps by installing a heatmap camera and connecting it with the software that usually comes with the package. From different parameters, the camera senses and displays it in form of charts, graphs, etc.

Is it necessary to keep an eye on consumer behavior?

Yes. It is only by analyzing customer behavior that a brand can determine how it is performing in the market. Through understanding their customer’s behavior, a brand can learn about their pain points, their needs to progress.

How do heatmaps help in creating a retail experience?

By analyzing the retail store according to the consumer behavior, heatmaps provide retail analytics that in turn help brands and retailers to make in-store treatments to create the retail experience.

Do customers need to know they are being brand tracked?

It’s yes and no at the same time. Technically they are not harmed in either way by the real-time tracking. The brand is only mapping their behavior to make the experience more alluring for them only.

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