Digital Wall Painting is the “New Relief in the vain lanes”. The slow vanish of the outdoor wall advertising industry got relieved when the technology interceded to make wall paintings more alluring. Moreover, the perception needs to be changed towards digital wall paintings. As in the universe of wall paintings, the ‘Art’ holds higher stakes as compared to the traditional and digital wall paintings (as shown in the above picture). The crux lies in the awareness (that leads to usage) of digital wall painting among society. Both B2B and B2C consumers share a commonality of being bodhi (in reverse) about digital interference in wall painting designs.

The need for digital wall painting aroused when challenges before the traditional methods were more than its pros. The lacks included color schemes, patterns, font styles, font sizes, etc.

The images (of models, creatives, etc) used in advertising (painted) cannot be sketched the same through hand-paintings, as many of the times surfaces are not uniformed or smooth. The sole purpose of advertising goes in vain (somehow) when a brand can’t convey its message as it wants to, with its audience. Moreover, a professional finish cannot be expected while rendering humanized wall painting.


From a layman cerebrum, painting is differentiated into three typos -

House Wall Painting

Art Wall Painting

Commercial Wall Painting

House Wall Painting inculcates the home interiors where the painting is either done in a conventional way or in a modern textured way. The thought is stuck and remains in limitations. The progressive approach is just stretched to few miles as people don’t tend to experiment and love to remain traditional (orthodox though).

On the other hand-clap is the Art (both traditional and modern) to be displayed through wall painting showcasing skills to please the eyeballs. Yes, graffiti and other PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) displaying enticing artworks. Either hired or drawn from instinct, artworks on big walls painted always catch feelings from miles and aisles.

Dialing upon commercial wall painting, it is trifurcated into ‘Rural’, ‘Urban’, and ‘Mix’. The rural intellect primarily goes for visibility and education, largely done by panchayats, govts, and rural brands. In urban areas, people are more aware and keener in discovering/experimenting with new emerging technologies. Some areas crop up as the mix of both of these.


A Digital Wall Painting Agency diagnosis a wall painting through various parameters - Demographics, Geography, ROI Effectiveness, Foot Traffic around wall paintings, etc. completing full circle and mapping all inches of needs and reaches, a Digital Wall Painting is made.

Futuristic Insight -

The future will be more ‘talkative’ in terms of developing higher reach opportunities and retaining retina through -

Sensor Colors

Motion Colors

Paint Sense Music

3D Illuminated Colors

Robotic Paint Spray

Glowing Wall Paint

Sci-fying the walls will be a ‘futuristic’ word that would be given by a Digital Wall Painting Agency.


Digital wall paintings are used primarily by -

Central, State governments to announce PSAs (Public Service Announcements), government schemes, spreading awareness about different types of programs from infrastructural to educational to medical.

FMCG Industry got ranked second in this list but uses digital wall paintings as the sources of creating awareness and advertising in rural and sub-urban areas. Creating multi-lingual wall painting designs helps them.

Regional Rural Brands primarily incorporates wall painting designs in promoting their products. As their audience is limited to specific regions, wall paintings act beneficially in driving both ROI and Loyalty.

Though the ratios of usage of traditional and digital wall paintings differ in the above trifurcation, the future forecast will be amalgamating digital wall painting as the prime method.

Different methods like Activations, Educating skilled personnel help in creating the buzz about Digital Wall Painting in every accessible land regardless of rural and urban.

The motto in current times that should be encouraged at all fronts should be -