Digital Wall Painting Advertising

Buying experience: Creating accessible ways for brands and retailers. A uniform experience that is brought by the brand to earn it from the audience.

Zeroing the lacks: We create a bridge between lurking traditional challenges and contemporary concepts. A uniform brand communication across all mediums.

Digital interference: To minimize humanized errors in conveying brand language in an uniform manner across all mediums, irrespective of various on-site challenges; we make technology intervene to maintain uniformity across implementations.

Professional finish: From the errors caused through human interventions, the professional finish is compromised to many extents. To attain and maintain the professional finish, we make use of technology to develop wall paintings uniform across ventures.

Digital Wall Painting

We integrate innovation with a vision that remains the same for the Digital Wall Painting Design with precision. The visible capacity of a brand increases when the communication becomes eye-catchy and ‘LARGE’. Though Outdoor Wall Advertising is an age-old concept, technology-infused Digital Wall Painting Advertising has taken over the conventional.

“There’s No-Look Back” when we are heading in times and living our lives laced with tech- on daily. It goes the same in the new (not that much) wall painting advertising.

As we root the practice of ‘painting’ since humans were in the phase of evolution (most prolly the ‘Stone Age’) we can create a bridge between the times, looking and lurking the traditional challenges that were posed before “Digital Wall Painting” -

The brand logos were not imprinted as they should be - the lacks included color schemes, patterns, font styles, font sizes, etc.

The images (of models, creatives, etc) used in advertising (painted) cannot be sketched exactly the same through hand-paintings, as many of the times surfaces are not uniformed or smooth.The sole purpose of advertising goes in vain (somehow) when a brand can’t convey its message as it wants to, with its audience.Moreover, a professional finish cannot be expected while rendering humanized wall painting.

For the same, the technology has to intervene to give what is needed. In layman’s words, digital wall painting comes as a big relief to the wall painting advertising industry which was slowly vanishing from all the scapes.

It’s not about winning the debate over which method is best - Digital Vs Traditional! But THERE ARE some advantages over the conventional medium. D’Art is a Digital Wall Painting Agency that shoulders the responsibility of communicating a brand as it is - as it should be. For instance, the cost comparatives with traditional communication methods can be a bomb in rural but on another side - painting a school back wall or a residential wall can be minimal with 24X7 visibility and extended reach.

Providing Digital Wall Painting Solutions, D’Art is into changing the whole scape of the Wall Painting industry - ONCE and FOR ALL through its collaborations with foreign tech giants that will provide the sci-know-how like pocket printers, the sensor colors, paint sense music, etc. in advancing Digital Wall Painting Designs.


Because of our innovative intervention between conventional, digital, and phygital mediums through which we help brands in rectifying their visibility issues. Providing every brand with apt design and branding treatments we move ahead with a vision to envisage Wall Paintings to be more precise and accurate resembling the brand’s DNA- the ethos - color combos - logo designs.

Our Score Card -

● Two-time (consecutively) winner of the World’s Biggest Design Award - A’Design Award.

● 20,000+ stores per year from Design - Production - Deployment

● 350+ ventures

● 2000+ Flagship Stores

● Worldwide Presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is digital wall painting still in demand?

With the changing scenarios and technological advancements, digital wall painting has undergone evolution to provide hassle-free impact and visibility, and that too strictly with brand ethos.

How effective digital wall painting advertising is?

A large number of eyeballs can be caught by outdoor wall advertising at the same time, besides the benefits of giving clarity and tidiness. Outdoor wall advertising speaks to the audience just as brands want to. Not like traditional wall painting which features fading issues and other weather-related problems.

Are digital wall painting solutions enough to create that ROI?

With a constant recall value, digital wall painting, and the solutions imparted to its placement is capable enough to drive the ROI for the brand.

Have digital billboards changed the essence of digital wall painting?

In part, of course, but digitized OOH platforms have created fierce competition for its category co-existent. In rural areas, however, most advertising is done in the form of wall paintings to attract and inform the audience.

What are the challenges posed before digital wall painting?

A digital wall painting should be executed on a smooth surface. Many painters encounter this issue if the deployment site lacks the necessary resources. Additionally, if the print is not applied precisely, brand visibility can be compromised.

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