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Retail Space Design and Store Layout

The post-pandemic times are more challenging for everyone on every inch of the planet. With brands living a new normal with SOPs are coping up with rapidly changing B2B and B2C markets. So, we are here to ‘Design it Accordingly’ to fill the gaps of time. D’Art shoulders this responsibility with a precise scientific approach lacing it with new techs to build a connection between channel partners and consumers to fathom the products/service/communication in a sale provocative manner.

Assuring it relatively to the former, our designs justify the core principles (listed below) on which we mediate between expectations sales, visibility, consumer behavior, and consumer experience. So, space design is the genesis of a brand’s identity rather than color, shape, and size merely.

The universe of markets is split into three categories:

a) Premium branding spaces

b) Middle-class branding spaces

c) Mass consumer branding spaces

All these market spaces need distinctive store layout design treatments, as the consumer pry (not personally though) differently in terms of a visual treat, engagement areas, hospitality, product/service consultation, and much more. Hence, our customized-designed identities are according to the need of the brand, market, and consumer (with prior analysis). Therefore, as a retail space design firm, we perceive these markets differently from traditional thinkers. Sequencing from a B2B perspective, the product or service goes through a proper channel of Distributor – Dealer – Retailer, and this chain needs to go through a need gap analysis to arrive at the final design intervention areas.

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Our Design Principles

Store Layout

Sketching a store layout is the first step in drafting a grandiose design. With land rentals being expensive (than before) due to the pandemic, low foot traffic and shutting down of stores is considered as ‘New Normal’. Therefore, to drive ROI out of every inch of the store becomes a challenge posed for a design agency. With one highly experienced designer, we bring and showcase our expertise in developing retail layout designs via proper store layout planning.

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Space Design

While designing any space, we work on our I.E.C Model (explained below) to encourage consumers through ‘Invite, Engage, and Convert’. Shifting eyeballs towards the desired space is much easier with this model as every retail space design has a commonality of ‘Experience’.

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Retail design

We approach retail designs by keeping them less artistic and more scientific, contextual to current times. We blend retail store layout designs with experience which consumers will be going to absorb annexed with the brand’s narrative. Acting as shop design catalyst, we deliver the desired store layout design that is capable of connecting various aspects like brand ethos, aesthetics, hospitality, and Phygital engagement with targeted consumers. Leaving no stone unturned, we cart the best retail space interior design.

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The Design Philosophy on which D’Art works is E.U.T(Enroll, Upgrade, and Transform) model

“Hold hands of masses and classes together”

Enrol – Our design enrols masses to establish retail at low cost at optimum visibility.

Upgrade – Our design upgrade masses to establish retail on mid-cost with great visibility.

Transform - Our design transforms mid players to emerge as market leaders at best visibility.

Our Global Director - Design Mr Sameer Khosla quoted the words of Dr Ralph Speth:

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”

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