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“The ampersand(&) between Research - Development is a relation”

Proper market research and product planning are done to get the nerve of the client’s target audience. D’Art takes a close look at purchasing behavior of consumers and we call it ‘consumer research’ and thus introduce a planning strategy. As part of good research, we provide services in Consumer Research, Competition Research, Retail store Planning Services, Retail Identity Services, Market Research, and Procurement Services

D’Art’s process of delivering its research and planning services is bifurcated into two halves:

1. Primary Research:

Here, we use the concept of market segmentation to understand clients’ market and its target audience. The process involves the study of geographics, demographics, psychographics, demographics, and behavioral of our client’s target audience. We acknowledge our clients’ USP to position the product research, and ‘customer profiling’ is the weapon in D’Arts’ artillery which is used thereafter.

2. Secondary Research:

Here, after getting the market insights D’Art put out its’ team on patrol for mystery shopping on behalf of clients to measure consumer experience. We conclude it in ‘competition research’ as it enables us to fathom the clients’ competitors’ market analytics. For better understanding, you can see the case studies section in which we have included detailed market research and planning for our A’Design Award-Winning Design ‘STUDDS” and our nominated design ‘HOUSE OF RED CHIEF’.

Retail Market Segmentation Service

The two-eye view from B2B to B2c is a vision different, that D’Art possesses while conducting research and planning a strategy for a client; keeping their target audience in mind.

➔ From perspective ‘B2B’:

To the client, D’Art offers business growth (the factor prime) in a way to expand, first inventory and then stocking by enabling partners for optimum future growth. The vow we give to our clients is like the ‘white paper’ they can rely on and to cut the clutter they have a strong belief in us for their venture scale-up.

➔ From perspective ‘B2C’:

The perspective is from clients vision where D'Art helps them in chartering their end users. We route back to basics with an expert stance by incorporating the 4P's in order to tactize research that helps brands/clients in engaging their consumers to convert.

The 4P’s are as shown in the image:

Dart 4Ps

Case Studies

D’Arts’ interpretation while delivering research and planning services is covered in the following case studies:

➔A’Design Award-Winning Design “STUDDS”

While working on this project we visited their stores and respective markets in Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru where our designs were executed.

In Pune, the brief which is a part of our research is below:

1. People do not wear helmets in Pune, in general.

2. At a space of 400 Sq. feet keeping all brands total SKU’s of 150 makes the shop look complete clutter.

3. Distributor seems surrounded with brand grievances like

Product availability Product quality. Product lead time Oder mismatch.

In Mumbai, the brief which is a part of our research is below:

1. Here the customer is more style-conscious.

2. The trend is changing in Mumbai – a large part of walk-in feels if the product is less than 2000 then it’s not a brand.

Every store writes “DON’T TOUCH THE PRODUCT”

The emerge & acceptance of more trendy bikes both light & heavy allows every home to keep one two-wheeler. Hence the market size opportunity for us. Product planogramming is completely missing at all the stores. Mumbai is a Bollywood city, people have grown here looking at fashion lifestyle of celebrities & somewhere the deep desire is to look like them. Hence movies like DHOOM leaves a big impact on the consumers. Old shop owners are playing on their long goodwill legacy and word of mouth is the sole activity to bring new customers.

In Bengaluru, the brief is a part of our research is below:

People here are more experimental. Since it’s a tech city people are looking out digital product experience. Here in this market, the “ATTRITION RATE IS VERY LOW” purchasing power is immense. There are some riders who come and do exhaustive shopping and buys all the gears- bill worth crosses 1 lac. Those customers have done their research 100%, they exactly know what they want to buy.


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D’Arts’ experienced team has conducted deep market research before delivering the entire project. It had played a key role to understand our clients’ insight and requirements.

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