Can we put it like this, for a minute? We are living and witnessing the era of experiential retail. Dodging between the consumer shift and the brutal ‘sales part’ – where should a brand stand on? That’s the reason the shift is towards the ‘experience part’. They are more lucrative, not because of clout chasing or mirroring their counterparts. Instead, the shift demands it. To miss the mark, many brands come and go. But change is inevitable. Going according to it is the flow and the brand doesn’t want to disrupt. Imagine swimming a river backward.

The bubble age of Toffler is also a stressor to this shift. This means the technological advancements that are occurring quarterly force a brand to make themselves ‘to be on edge’. Plus, the marketing team (of every brand) is sitting on that chair full of thorns. The race and chase are different in this era of experiential retail.


Digitization has blabbered the human thought on authenticity (take it subtly). There are percentages when you expect your online date in physical form to be actual. The same perception goes with the flooding of online brands popping up from nowhere and pulling a stupid out of you.

Click baits laced with wrongly disseminated information are alluring but scandalous. The authentic perception means the most to the customer. The belief is eternal. The loyalty you get back. Authentic is what you serve.

If you are a startup and want to make big in the market full of fake braggadocios and claims + big players. Serve your brand in a way your customer can relate to and resonate with.

As a concept ‘Authenticity’ is flawless, but making it in the practical world is the trust you have to win. Only if you have the approach – WE ARE HERE TO STAY.


“A mattress brand in New York, made their customers take a 45-min nap on their mattress, so they can experience the comfort”. Sales got shot, simple.

To create a circumstantial value of a ‘helmet’, D’Art integrated VR in their award-winning project STUDDS. VR shows the exact situation when the helmet will save you while crashing at 130 km/h. Sales got shot, simple.

Moreover, retail experience amalgamated with the perceived value of the product makes the consumer hooked instantly to the brand. And yes, the dollar bill is the second thumb.

“It’s like dominos effect, and the win is the sure-shot”.