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12333 Views | By Eyna | December 15, 2023
Embracing the idea of sustainable out-of-home advertising Embracing the idea of sustainable out-of-home advertising

As the changing perceptions of the new consumers continues to define the brand development strategies, prompting businesses to venture into new dimensions and tap into new possibilities for effective promotion, out-of-home advertising being fundamental to effective marketing, tends to be a major aspect in amplifying brand visibility, credibility and reach. 

While the ongoing shift in buying patterns, preferences and inclinations triggers the adoption and formulation of advanced approaches, the communication frameworks, as well as methodologies are required to be geared appropriately in line with the current dynamics shaping modern retail. Acting as a revolutionary concept in strategic brand communication, OOH advertising plays a crucial role in making an ever-lasting impression and impact on target customers. 

In view of the promising projection of the global OOH advertising ad market expected to reach $44bn and digital out-of-home advertising to $50.79bn by 2027 & and 2030, respectively, by a trend forecasting company, the full potential of OOH is yet to be explored and unleashed by brands to fetch higher ROI and sales. Considered to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, the medium provides great advantage to brands to create awe-inspiring experiences and reach large audiences. With capabilities to capture attention in an instance, the concept helps build positive perceptions amongst target consumers. 

Having emerged as a key priority for consumers, sustainability continues to be the biggest talking point for brands investing in repute building. Being an imperative across the board for a business, brands embracing the power of sustainable innovative formats of outdoor media gains to stand apart. As consumers turn more responsible and conscious with respect to their affiliations with brands, the adoption of sustainable practices must be a norm that complements brand standing and credibility. 

Taking the right approach

Out-Of-Home Advertising

With more advertisers and agencies investing in remarkable greener solutions, an absolute focus on carbon emissions provides greater scope for the preparation of smart action plans. As right advertising begins with a right approach, the installation of smart digital displays appropriately eliminates the use of paper, helps conserve energy, and reduces waste. Besides the transition to digital formats, the use of eco-friendly material for billboards and signage is the right move to begin with. This includes material for banners and posters that are easily recyclable and sourced ethically. 

In addition to that, the specialized panels powered by solar energy reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.

The technology that allows dynamic content management optimization helps in the optimum use of digital displays thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption when ads are not actively viewed. In relation to that, smart lighting systems and the use of LEDs that adjusts brightness in tandem with ambient lighting conditions could prove to be extremely beneficial in striking the right balance and ensuring energy preservation during daylight. 

With respect to that, certifications for breakthrough sustainability initiatives reflects profound brand commitment. For instance, certifications like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for the utilization of wood-based materials creates robust brand outlook and perceptions. 

Likewise, community engagement by involving local communities in the planning and execution of OOH campaigns fosters a sense of inclusion and concerted actions towards environmental care. This may include collaborating on clean-up initiatives or supporting local critical causes. 

Leveraging sustainable OOH formats 

Having become a by-product of new-age outdoor advertising, 3D-based OOH advertising ever since its introduction, has been disrupting the traditional mediums and proves to be a powerful practice in capturing eyeballs. Initially introduced in Asia and further making its way into the west, the use of 3D anamorphic digital displays has turned out to be the new buzz.

Fuelled by the technological advancements and urbanisation and revolutionising the global advertising landscape quite astonishingly, Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising, especially 3D-driven DOOH campaigns, enables brands to create awe-inspiring visual experiences and deliver 47% ad recall rates in comparison to mobile and television advertising.

In pursuit of building responsible brand identities, advertisers and retail agencies are increasingly realising the importance of sustainable initiatives to help brands reduce carbon footprint and attain larger objectives. 

The CGI-driven OOH advertising or Faux Out-of-Home advertising as yet another advanced technique, entails a fusion of creativity, imagination and reality, facilitating unprecedented response and attention by consumers. Specially designed with deep concentration on exceptional creativity and tech innovation, the hyperrealistic AR-based digital ads helps draw immense attention and appeals more to the new-age consumers. 

While the adoption of new out-of-home media formats is largely prevalent in the West, the newly evolving Audio-Out-Of-Home advertising format provides an enticing proposition. Believed to be a gamechanger in strategic advertising, helping brands build great campaigns with local dialects and captivating audiences within large radius, the format is meant best for controlled environments including transit locations like bus stops and railway stations. 

Contrary to most OOH formats that aims to connect via visual senses, the AOOH format holds even greater potential to get the message across as listening is inevitable and usually evokes reactions. Given the advantages, the format yet unexplored, if incorporated the right way, could prove to be the ultimate practice in ensuring high penetration and coverage for effective promotion.

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