The determining factor

Brands are a vital asset for companies that account for some weighty percentages of their business value. Because brands are a significant differentiating factor in mature markets and preserve the information and values shared between the company's stakeholders. Three essential elements of the brand's contribution to the business are:

• Creating an emotional connection with customers positively influences brand loyalty and customer behavior.

• Decreasing price elasticity to guarantee higher margins.

• Increasing brand extension possibilities to favor diversification beyond the origin category.

These attributes allow brands to grow faster in the expansion stage of economic cycles and more resilient in the contraction phase. This validates that brands can be managed with an eye to creating value for consumers.

The brand is a strategic asset

Strategic brand decisions are crucially linked to business results. Therefore, they must be assessed with the same level of rigor as those deciding on product innovation, supply chain, or financial operations. How can a brand be repositioned? How to expand into new markets and categories? How do you reorganize your brand and product portfolios? Many people have asked these questions to themselves.

The conscious choices

Companies are using advanced analytical data to make better decisions. They also take into consideration the size of their business. This allows them to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. D'Art recently worked on numerous successful cases. For example, Top Brass went through a comprehensive rebranding process. This was supported by an analytical model that assessed the potential for a new brand identity.

Experiential approach

Every case has its peculiarities. To facilitate decision-making through filtered insights, precise analysis of the situation with various hypotheses (mapped out futuristically) are applied with statistical-financial models to measure economic impact. Base data can be obtained from existing proprietary research, multi-brand databases about brand equity, and ad-hoc research if additional information is required.

The strategic decisions made regarding brands can significantly impact a company's future growth.