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1175 Views | By Eyna | November 21, 2016
The new in ooh is to keep 3.5 sec intact The new in ooh is to keep 3.5 sec intact

Outdoor or OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertisements are a part of our lives for centuries and are like favorite go-to advertising resorts for most brands. With advancements in almost everything, from science to industrial to customer’s shop behavior – outdoor advertising has gone through drastic evolution and transformation. Since the consumer mindset has also evolved with its shop journeys, advertising firms have also closely observed the same and are now designing more consumer-connected outdoor ads with keeping that 1/16sec retain factor intact. Though many tactics and /strategies have been euthanized with times, many more are in the pipeline for the present and many more are need to be polished for the future.


To start again, many of us are not even aware of the acronym ‘OOH’, but when the talk is a layman. As soon as it starts coming from the cores of the industry we mostly picture a billboard with a ‘traditional one’ or a ‘digital one’. Even the word ‘traditional’ resonates with ‘common’ nowadays and people want MORE in every manner, on the other hand, advertisers are ready to give that.

In the fourth quarter, we are always ready to talk about the nearest future we are about to witness just because the keenness to know “WHAT’ NEXT” doesn’t fade away. The last milli can count on many things like an overhaul strategy (prolly in post-pandemic times) and the question that is concurrent to the context is – Survival, Need, And Success – Do They Equate in Real-Time?

Yes, maybe. If we think traditionally, Need is the key driver of Survival but in a reverse manner, it leads to Success with a damn good Strategy.


Years ending in the 20s have created the worst impacts on mankind and businesses since different centuries. And coming out of the circumstances, every industry felt like a phoenix. Scientific advancements didn’t stop and we as advertisers have broken traditional dilemmas for ages and we’ll continue to do so.

Most of the brands are experiencing changing behavioral binds in their audience. And why it wouldn’t be so? Tech advancements and digitalization had made many things easier for humans. It whole lotta created a parallel universe.


With a big round of applause, we hereby welcome the trendiest and out of box ideas and their ideators to develop ‘NEOTERIC’ OOH advertising designs. The advent of them comes as a relief to the conventional mediums; they created a static stuck in growth for sure. Though airports contribute a major part of total OOH revenue, many more opportunities to display ads outdoors are coming our way. The pictures above are perfectly portraying the communication of the brand to their audience. the 3D effects are making the advertisement more real and the viewer can feel it.

Putting a step ahead, for Parle we designed a live billboard where the biscuits are moving in a clockwise direction and they pause to display ‘MILANO’ for a few seconds. Similarly, for Samsung – The 3D billboard showcased the product in a very bold manner making it more real to feel it.

OOH Advertising Agency OOH Advertising Agency


Future is very mean, not in literal ways but it always makes us be not in the comfort zone. As the P’s and K’s are getting added up in the display resolutions, there would be a consistent higher resolution., it always goes like – Clearer the Picture, Longer it Retains (viewer/consumer) . Moreover, the ease of mobility will also boost up its usage as “Who Doesn’t Want to Cut Unnecessary Expenses?” Static adverts will have their advantages just like they had before.

According to a recent report*, digital outdoor advertising will contribute to 30% of total OOH revenues worldwide. And if the same pace will be maintained, 2022 will be a fortunate one for the advertisers.

Adding to the storytelling trends, they are on the rise too. Almost every brand is narrating its brand stories to connect with its targeted audience. OOH, ads are getting embraced to tell the storyline in bit-forms. Tease-n-Reveal** is the strategy that is profoundly used to retain the customer. The truth part of the whole picture is that ‘Visuals are Strong Enough to STOP YOU’.

The subpoint here can be inculcated as ‘Mind of its Own’ where outdoor ads will act smarter to sense senses. Through AI features, ads will predict the profile of the user interacted, maybe for fraction of a minute.

Foreseeing for 2022, we can eye on multi-channel integration of outdoor ads with the virtual and traditional mediums. We can’t forget the term ‘DOOH’ where D stands for Digital. The growth will be scalable for both mediums in a ‘vice-versa’ manner. Digital Out of Home efforts will eventually create better communication for a brand to connect more effectively with its audiences. ‘What if we take the approach of digital ad placements in outdoor scenarios?’ Yes, the focused reach will lead to lower expenditures when the outdoor ads will be deployed accessing specific demographics.

*KPMG India Media Entertainment Report 2019 **A tease-n-reveal campaign/strategy is an advertising campaign/strategy that consists of small, cryptic challenging ads that eventually lead to revealing a full-blown campaign. It is generally used to build interest and eagerness in viewers/consumers about a brand/product as it directly attacks the psyche of consumers to build that.

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