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A series of Global systemic risks shook the world's core rhythmic functioning. The long line of obstruction in Global supply chain management for two consecutive years has produced a need in organizations to future-proof their procurement strategies. The bottlenecks along the way have emphasized the need to adapt to not just agile practices in Sourcing but understanding the precise routes to extracting the materials which don’t hamper the sustainability factors.

Being a retail sourcing support service provider, it isn't just a mandate for D'ART to map out and retool a precise sourcing & procurement model but to step aside from the crowd and reflect on its distinctness for the clients who are out and about developing, which has never been heard of.

The multi-faceted nature of the market makes us widen the horizon of our procurement tactics and customize the right innovation tool within the bandwidth of our clients. Hence, we split the sourcing strategy into two--- Service and Product. From there, we get down to the rudiments.

As we source both products and services, we get our facts straight by understanding the requirement of a proper ‘Need Analysis’ - ranging from small to medium to large. The next step is to add the core of need analysis with 'specs match'. The manpower is distributed (along with the scope of work) throughout the need analysis process.

● While Sourcing Service: Manpower gets distributed for developing UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), and conducting research work.

● While Sourcing Products: The workforce is sourced depending on the core of the materials- metal, wood, glass, and plastic because a product is manufactured from these core materials. Along with cores, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology must be infused into the hardware to deliver the perfect Phygital experience. Hence, this, too, requires a skilled workforce to provide the desired outcome.

The full circle of sourcing amalgamates the ‘longevity factor’ (quality) laced with logistics and deployment. After all, sourcing support depends upon it.


1. Longevity through determining:

● Life of service and product dependent upon the wearing and shelving over a certain period.

●Quality Analysis through various parameters - specs match, standards of materials used while manufacturing, implementation through proper guidelines, etc.

● Support before and after plays the role of a guardian, who is needed for eternity. It can also be called ‘Maintenance’ which is either conducted through call centers or through emailing after receiving the posted query - a proper support team is aligned for solving the query.

We make a brand possess longevity via customer loyalty through the above core functionality.

2. Innovation to penetrate the future market
In a market with the momentum to swiftly bring a revolution even before people can gasp the event, the supply chain needs to innovate, especially where pulling the correct manpower is concerned. As part of unique solutions to retail sourcing support, churning the production at a broader scale, shuffling things, and customizing the sources to procure innovation are how we enable our clients to precisely know their future markets.

3. Logistics and Deployment
Both logistics and deployment are the branches of the “Supply Chain Management” Tree. The entire Sourcing Support Solutions depends on SCM. So, before deployment, the integration of information flow, material handling, production packaging, inventory, transportation, and warehousing should be done through proper channels to ensure quality and standards.

So based on the industry, such as B2B, B2C, and D2C, the above integrations are performed accordingly. Later the standards are ranked from varied satisfaction parameters for service and product.

4. Procurement
Sourcing and purchasing through perfect buying decisions under scarce times is D’Art’s understanding of ideal procurement. But beyond that, we are also bridging the gap between traditional and futuristic procurement methods that primarily involve digital strategies.

Some insights -
● Predictive Strategic Sourcing
● Automated Transactional Procurement
● Proactive Supplier Management

Pipelines through our understanding –

1. Current Pipeline:

It's the primary procedure, including procurement cores but with longer implementation cycles.
● Supplier Networks
● Supplier Risk Management
● Spend Analytics
● eSourcing & eAuction
● Electronic Catalogs
● Contract Management
● Supplier info Management
● eProcurement
● eInvoicing

2. Emerging/Future Pipeline:

It includes more advanced digital technologies impacting future procurement cycles positively.
● Blockchain
● Sensors/Wearables
● Cyber Tracking
● Virtual Reality/Spatial Analytics


With D'Art, the complete process of Retail Sourcing Support Service comes easily. As we go through the whole sourcing process with its futuristic approach toward the subject, it enables us to source effectively.

Challenge-effective: Sourcing Service. Sourcing Product. Specs match; standards of materials used while manufacturing; the complete implementation is in line with proper brand guidelines.

Validation on creation: Validation to create an interface. Trifurcation as per Connection, Utility, and Experience. Workforce distribution. Developing UI.

Immersive integration: Immersive technology integration. Both services and products are sourced as per trending immersive techs to create an experience before everything.

Zeroing on lacks: Minimized lacks and precise implementation across all mediums. Maintaining brand communication uniformly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges associated with automation for sourcing?

– Here are some challenges associated – • Lack of skilled resources • Complex workflows • Breach of privacy • Open to cyber-threats

How AI will impact the supply chain?

AI can process massive volumes of data, understand relationships, provide visibility into operations, and support better decision-making through a holistic approach. AI can deal with the opportunities and constraints of sales, procurement, and other business functions.

How does strategic sourcing work?

Here are a few methods to make strategic sourcing work - • Develop a strategy based on an evaluation and data collection • Decide on the most effective engagement model • The implementation of the contract • Setting up and monitoring invoices

How to identify a supplier's effectiveness?

Here are some methods to identify supplier’s effectiveness – • Plan performance goals • Choose an evaluation method • Develop a robust assessment system • Launch the system • Provide actionable feedback • Showcase results

How many types of sourcing are we aware of?

Sourcing is dependent on the demand and the ‘urgent factor’. According to that, here are some types of sourcing – • Hard/Soft Sourcing • Direct/Indirect Sourcing • Outsourcing/Insourcing • Vertical Integration • Joint Venture, etc.

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