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21636 Views | By Nafeesa Gazal | August 04, 2023
Introduce your brand identity with the 4<del>p's</del> c's of marketing Introduce your brand identity with the 4<del>p's</del> c's of marketing

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Content, Culture, Commerce & Community: a new path to creating fandom & Awareness

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We have relentlessly heard of a brand’s identity not defined by its logo or website. But what defines it? At this moment, when the digital landscape is the rising heat, a business’s identity is a feeling a consumer needs to experience. 

This feeling comprises the consumer’s journey with the brand and what they experience, the value they receive, and the relationship they foster. It is challenging to build an identity when consumers are constantly overstimulated. 

With so many businesses walking in the same lane of driving engagement, consumers need help to stick around or, for that matter, come by. That’s precisely a reason to discard the old world marketing mechanisms and switch to new ones; a report by WGSN squares on the 4Ps of marketing and presents the 4Cs. 

The world is moving fast, and so should the rules of branding, which propel the marketing wheels forward to pick up the right group of consumers. There is a reason why the 4Cs should become the wealthy way for designing brands in a different light—energizing & interesting to the numb & nihilistic consumers. 

Brands need to reevaluate their strategy by representing their identity in a different shade in the market. To navigate through the prism of digital culture lived by Chronically Online consumers, retail brands should hire a brand design agency that can proficiently add a human touch to a brand. And that’s why 4Cs receive extra brownie points, and the conventional marketing mix defined by 4Ps needs to return to the old world. 

Content, Culture, Commerce & Community: a new path to creating fandom & Awareness

WGSN's proprietary marketing element emerged out of a need to discontinue mass engagement. In the age of personalization, niche brands developed niche personas to target the right customers.

Customers may resonate with something other than the content or culture of a brand. That’s why a brand’s humanizing element might be the common factor. Still, the rest is what identifies its identity, making it easier for a brand promotion agency to create campaigns around it. 

The traditional marketing mix- Product, Price, Place & Promotion doesn’t fit into the puzzle of a post-pandemic world where crisis is the eternal reality, where people find peace despite the chaos, and where attention recession is looking to stay longer than anyone expected. 

The four pillars of this evolving marketing phenomenon are all connected; for businesses of today to think ahead about their purpose, objective, identity, and more to give the right impression to the people they serve: 

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Content is the focus and the biggest component of supporting a brand’s consistent efforts to reach its audience. It will always be the ultimate weapon to create and spread the identity a brand wants people to know and associate with. 

Content marketing is a potent strategy driving other frameworks and giving brands the leverage to connect with their customers and make a difference in their sales figures. But things have to deviate from the usual content strategy. Marketers and brand designers must focus on creating different content formats, especially without perfection.

Audiences today seek unfiltered content, so it's time for brands to tap into the chaotic mindset and shift their preference over 

hand-drawn visual content, images that aren’t religiously edited. Still, there had to be a balance between the unfiltered vulnerability of a brand and its awe-eliciting content, especially when it concerns ads.

The whole purpose is to get people out of digital culture and give them something lucrative online to remember. It’s time your social media & brand promotion team worked on making things a bit messier with the content. 


Culture is identity. The biggest brand culture comes from voicing its humanistic personality. The big names in the industry, like Duolingo, are bringing their employees center stage to show the human side behind what is a maddening & vicious circle of marketing & promotion. 

Duolingo used its social media manager, Zaria Parvez, to meet people where they were in the real world. They placed Parvez at each stadium’s gates as part of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. She disguised herself as the brand’s mascot— The Owl, to empower each Duolingo user to complete one lesson on the app and get a chance to win friendship day bands (each had phrases; Lost in Translation, & I am the Problem,  resembling Taylor’s lyrics) and floor tickets for the concert.

 The campaign garnered around 34M+ impressions. 

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Consumers’ journey is the biggest factor behind whether they stay with the brand or move on to the next. Physical retail seems especially affected by an awe-inducing moment in the experiential environment. 

And now that the retail revival has successfully enticed consumers, it's time to prioritize the ‘What’s next?' Moment. Nike did that with its Tokyo store launch. The brand emphasized basketball culture for the store's theme and introduced a content studio encouraging shoppers and creators to develop share-worthy content. 


Loneliness has crept inside us all since the pandemic. We are stressed, gloomy, and nihilistic. But most of all, it's a hunger to meet like-minded people. That’s why brands have had the biggest leverage of all time— building a community. 

All the while, it was a passive effort for businesses to attract people and do business. But now, it is more of an imperative. Through the concept of Collective Effervescence introduced by WGSN, firms are gradually building cult-like communities that teach, sell, entertain, and care for their members. 

We now call it MVC (Minimum Viable Community), where a small, closely knit group comes together for a shared purpose.

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 It is precisely why Reddit is a go-to marketing medium for businesses, and community management platforms have recently increased.  

To extend the thought!

The 4Cs decentralize and give control to consumers about what they see, where they see it, and how they perceive it. It is redesigning marketing rules and pushing marketers to work on identity-building. In the context of chaos with world order, challenges need a purpose for people to make the right choice when interacting with a brand. For this, the brands need to humanize their existence and stop with the words & actions that sound and seem like a bot.

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