“Since 2k20, it’s on days that we are witnessing the tussle between students and teachers on regular lectures and effective examination management. Mostly, the struggle is with primary and pre-primary kids who are dodging between technology and academics at the same time. Even teachers were finding it tedious to make the daily tasks digital. But when the acceptance was created, everyone went with the flow of the ‘new normal’. Things were smooth.”

Before applying technology to the human world, brands have done their part through customer analysis and their demand hidden in situational need.

Plus, immersive technologies are shaping the world at an astonishing rate. Most of the industries have and are stacking their yearly budgets to develop tech ecosystems. The same applies to the education sector.

No doubt, Ai is making lives easier. But in the education sector, a teacher knows well about his/her performing students in the class. Most of them are arranging thanksgiving sessions for AI. But only when their work delegations and other processes are automated to make energy burn more feasible.

According to a Mckinsey Survey – only 49% of the total time of teachers is in direct interaction with students. As per 50hrs/week of average working hours.

Keeping the millennial mindset, these kids (from gen alpha) have experienced technology from the beginning. They can comprehend and absorb things more quickly than any other generation (without debating). For instance, millennials like us have witnessed the internet boom, these alpha kids are witnessing the AI, AR boom. Though repercussions of it at the brain developing stage are to be experienced. On a positive note, the neurons are getting trained to process things faster.

The Boon

If to talk about benefits, many surveys and reports add-in creation of ironical ‘boon’ image of AI. As it’s making teaching/learnings more personalized with 24x7 access. LMS (Learning Management Systems) that are referred to above are deployed to make classes and workflow organized effectively.

Moreover, this pandemic has created opportunities that most of the B2B’s and B2C’s are not missing (at any cost though). Integrating meta would be more beneficial than those (now called conventional) smartboards. And it’s obvious that the more you experience, the more you’ll retain.

It’s parallel with the retail industry where brands are focusing on the experience-based sale, now more than ever.

The importance can only be stoned when it is amalgamated with an O2O (online to offline) approach. In the education sector, it can be done by integrating physical learning spaces (schools, tutor bureau, etc.) with online learning platforms.

Also, India is witnessing acquisitions and mergers of top learning managements amidst this pandemic time. They are providing holistic workflows from school-level to competitive-level.

With affordable access to the internet, many tier I, tier II cities, villages, and suburban areas are experiencing ease in education.

The Expletive

The expletives come as early with procrastination of this young generation. Can we relate this ease of living (with AI) with the silver spoon story? The strains and mental fatigue come as ‘cherry on the top’ with continuous exposure to screen emissions. Plus, the habit of being at ease at all times will limit physical exertions.

Though learning experience is par levels of anything. Focus retention i.e. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has become a common problem. Most of the parents/guardians are not aware of this disorder and even they don’t acknowledge it as a problem. But the prominence it holds in millennials and gen alpha is at higher levels. The blame can’t be blunt in this case, because the majority of the population who are parenting millennials and gen alpha possess the same kind of orthodoxy in their side of their lives. Lately, some awareness programs are being conducted to make this disorder – ACKNOWLEDGEABLE.

Keeping it humble, the hypocrisy in this sector needs to be dissolved. In the end, we should not regret the fact (which we will acknowledge soon or later) – Are we experiencing evolution backward?