Retail Audits & Maintenance Services

Retail Audits & Maintenance Services


In a world full of competition, we add one more step of success to the equation - Design, Build, Innovate, and AUDIT.

Don’t many in the market provide Retail Audit Services and Retail Measurement Reports at one-stop, D’Art Design does. Because we understand that there is always room for improvement in every industry and we do it through our comprehensive store audit techniques - Mystery Shopping, Heatmaps, etc. As a Retail Audit Agency, we feature benefits of auditing from our two core typos -

● Visible - Here we evaluate, how visible a brand is? Is the branding placed correctly? Communication is the most important factor in engaging consumers and educating them about the brand/product/service. Our audit of this typo looks and calculate at all the ‘spends’ burned either at marketing, promotions, or advertising. Share by share we calculate and rectify the spending that generates the best ROI. Moreover, the placement of branding is also important for better conversions, we look into minute details of placing branding effectively for better visibility.

● MBO/EBO - Configuring the placement opportunities MBOs and EBOs offer at different geographies and among different demographics, we conduct audits to map out the store performance and enable them to perform better through our suggestive strategies.

Retail Measurement Report Services


Subsequent to auditing, retail insights collected from the same play a role in making retail measurement reports. Implementation of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are graphed accordingly via store performance and retail intelligence. Also, the checklist filled by our trained auditors on field audits report the Retail KPI’s:

● Sales per sq. Ft

● Gross Margins (GM) ROI

● Average transaction value

● Retail conversion rate

● Customer analysis

● Foot traffic and digital traffic

● Inventory turnover

Suggestive branding opportunities are provided after tracking through different retail measurement tools: In-store hot spots, store demographics, average purchase value, number of items per purchase, and store strolling (by customers).

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