Advertisement on Static And Mobile Advertising Platforms

3D OOH Advertising 3D anamorphic digital displays to capture lucrative audience attention. AR-enabled experiences.

Mobile Advertising High-end technological advertisements. Like Bus advertisement, Look Walker Advertising, Mobile Van Advertising, etc.

Static advertising Non-movable advertisements. Like Signages, Acrylic Boards, Glow Boards, etc.

Media Advertising Including BTL, TTL, and ATL advertising methods. Like Print advertisement, Radio advertisement, TV advertisement, email-marketing, push marketing, brand activations, cluster branding, etc.

We advertise you!!

A narrowed view on advertising is what D'Art wants to showcase. Customized advertising is done on both static and mobile advertising platforms. Though both advertising and branding services are on parallel poles somehow they solve the purpose by clashing the curves. Different media platforms like Print, TV, and Radio are involved when the scale of promotions is higher, as it targets a larger audience. Cost efficiency is also a parameter that is taken care of by D’Art for which we have a great team of cost kill analysts that helps our clients to get the best possible cost. The new innovative ways of advertisements are the need of the post-pandemic hour.


We image advertising and advertisements from a three-way categorization, which starts from Mobile to Media-tic to Static.

1. Mobile Advertising-

A store-on-board, yes, we mobile advertise a retail store on a digital billboard/flex board where we engage a consumer by giving a virtual experience of a retail store. Technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are used to achieve that. It does not end only on experience, consumers have an opportunity to exercise purchase. Different techniques and tactics are used according to geographics. Like in urban areas, more high-end technological advertisements are placed to target the audience, wherein in rural areas hybrid OOH vans can be converted into a mobile cinema and after watching, people can purchase products placed in a van. The dual purpose of advertising and ROI are solved by placing these vans around the 20km radius of the targeted city. Mobile advertising can be taken a step forward by providing on-door sample delivery, conducting Independent workshops on wheels, FMCG on wheels, etc.

Bridging the present and future of mobile advertising, we can contribute to nature by eco-friendly means of advertising and creating sustainability in organic ways.

Under the banner of mobile advertising, we provide the following:

a. Bus advertisement -

Adverts are either placed inside(most commonly) or outside(referred to as all-over advert). Technology-laced adverts are now becoming common as LCD-TFT systems of different resolutions are placed in the interiors of the bus.

Bus advertisement

b. Look Walker Advertising -

In the highly impactful and unique style of advertising, Look walkers are referred to as ‘Human Banners’ in a trendy way. It is cost-efficient, yet eco-friendly when placed in busy areas but it is capable to target the right audience.

Look Walker Advertising

c. Tricycle Advertising -

It is a newer advertising medium but it is effective in both ways (cost and targeting). Following the trends, it is very environment friendly as it is equipped with rechargeable batteries. Many metro and non-metro Indian cities are opting for this newer advert medium.

Tricycle Advertising

d. Mobile Van Advertising -

Illuminated hoardings, banner billboards are placed on a van or truck. The benefit of mobile van advertising is that they can be moved anywhere within a city and can be parked at the targeted locations.

Mobile Van Advertising

e. Auto Rickshaw Advertising -

Vinyl printing is the prime resort to advertise a brand wither on E-Rickshaw or Auto Rickshaw. It shares a commonality with mobile van advertising to park brand in its audience’s mind.

Mobile Van Advertising

2. Media-tic Advertising-

Media-tic advertising involves different media platforms like Radio, TV, Print Ads. All of them are beneficial in reaching large masses but differ in costs. Radio advertisements(in form of jingles) are played at intervals according to the number of times the client wants to advertise. TV advertisements are aired(at different costs) and a number of rotations are set accordingly. Print advertisements are much more personalized and the effectiveness depends upon where the advertisement is placed in a newspaper or magazine.

Media-tic Advertising

3. Static Advertising-

They are commonly referred to as non-movable advertisements. They are placed analyzing the demographics, geographics of the target audience of the brand/client. Integrating the technologies like AR, VR, and AI can be digitalized in an attractive manner. They are categorized as :

a. Sign Boards -

It is a broad term but it includes various different types of signages like :

No Parking Boards -

Branding is done on ‘no parking boards’ as they are placed widely in the city’s radius. We consider it as highly ‘visible advertising’.

No Parking Boards

Hoarding Boards -

Covered under ‘static advertising’, branded hoarding boards are placed at highly busy and rushy areas. They can also be placed at highways, expressways, etc.

Hoarding Boards

Glow Boards -

Different types of lighting and materials are incorporated for glow boards. Due to the luminescence factor, they are in high demand ‘always’ as no external lighting is required at night times.

Glow Sign Board

Acrylic Boards -

‘Acrylic’ known for its outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity, it is easily fabricated and extensively used in signages, commercial spaces, etc.

Acrylic Boards

Digital Boards -

Equipped with an interactive display, digital boards are now replacing the traditional boards. Ads are displayed on loop and can be placed anywhere in rushy and busy areas.

Digital Board

Neon Boards -

Acrylic signboards laced with lighting(neon colors) looks trendy in displaying the brand’s personality.

Sinage Design

Signage Boards -

Extensively used for both promotional and advertising purposes, signage boards are considered traditional as well as new-aged(when laced with LED and digitalized).

Sinage Board Design

b. Wall paintings -

Many public and private properties are used in wall paintings. Attractive and straightforward messages are conveyed through these paintings. Also, with advanced technology, wall paintings are also digitalized, commonly referred to as “Digital Wall Paintings” where large LED screens are used to display the paintings.

c. Bus Shelters -

Bus stops are used for ‘Bus shelter advertising’ where shelters are either painted or printed flex are installed. They are capable of providing high visibility, high impact, and high frequency.


The reason to believe in us is by our deliverance of 10000+ stores per year and our clientage of 50+ top-notch MNC’s. We are an amalgamation of Design + Manufacturer + Agency which makes our take not usual. From Design to Deployment of these advertising services and our other services(in our catalog) is just possible because of our excellent team of designers laced with manufacturing intellect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How advertising is getting reshaped in the wake of super apps?

With the world squeezed into the pocket of the customer. the advertisement will have to evolve along the axis of specificity and fun. The greatest error is wasting customers' time.

Is look walker advertising still relevant in 2022?

With the rise of technology, look walker advertising is more relevant than ever. With AR and VR and holograms. Now they can be as creative or as budget-friendly as needed.

Why static advertising is needed to keep your marketing dynamic?

Yes. Flamboyant advertising is to make the brand known and establish a brand-customer bond. However, it is the bit-sized advertising that gives the final push when it comes to buying.

Is wall painting suitable for carving a proper brand perception?

The unique advantage of wall painting is customization. With wall painting advertising you can have a unique accent for your brand.

How aggressive advertising is helping brands to carve out their space?

To get an upper hand in the competition, many brands in various industries are deploying aggressive advertising and branding. Though it is bearing fruits for them when advertising is done inefficiently, desperate efforts are witnessed to get the market space.

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