Physical stores have been the first point of contact between the retail brands and its customers. Customers today are very well versed with upcoming technologies thus unfolding challenges for the retail design companies to come up with something which will help retailers in increasing customer attraction.

As per Alvin Toffler, a great thought Leader many Years ago Predicted that this world will witness three waves and finally the world will come to an end. The Alvin Toffler 1st wave of design was Agriculture wave. The entire economy of the world moved around Agriculture. During this era, all the design produced and delivered in Market were majorly a response to that present time and situation. Hence the so-called retail design agency of that era, only sketch the design to feed the Consumers/ Users on basic needs and moreover the best interior design awards were also given to those retail design agencies who produced a design which was under the umbrella of Alvin Toffler first wave only. The Alvin Toffler 2nd Wave was Industrial wave. The entire economy of the world moved around Industrialization. During the 2nd wave of design brought a huge change in the mindset of designers and finally, they were forced to link and think design much more technically and functionally. The world witnessed some of the most path-breaking design innovation which was highly functional and did complete justice to the client’s brief and their pocket too. Eventually we all first time ever heard tags like Best interior design company, Top Best interior design company, The Best interior design company in the world and Retail design agency. The Alvin Toffler 3rd wave is the Idea wave. Alvin said this would be the most advanced stage of the world - yes “3rd wave is an Idea Wave”. An idea would erupt like a bubble for a short duration and after some time it will burst, then again, a new idea will replace the old one. Some examples of Idea/Bubble Wave are: Phygital stores, checkout stores, online stores, flying humans, Space tourism, Artificial intelligence and much more. The design in this era is just a response to that bubble idea and hence all the retail design agency in the world are presently running in that blind mad race to make a design which is the response to the 3rd wave of design.

We are in the phase of technological revolution where there is a move from specialists to multiskilled designers helping retailers to increase their engagement rate and overall sales. Due to changes in consumer behaviour businesses today are depending on designs which are created especially for them and are interactive enough. Communication is an essential element and if done accurately will help retailers to ease concerns of its customers. some of the inventions that are reshaping the industry are Artificial Intelligence, hologram technology, UI-UX Designs. Some of the other technologies which are being used by the companies worldwide that have attracted many customers are Magic mirrors, Makeover Gif Booth, Digital Fitting rooms, Digital Menu etc. Today you might be thinking that these technologies are too good to be true, but these are being adopted by a number of Retail Stores. Soon this will become a necessity in the retailing world. These will help in analysing points of interaction, dwell times, customer journey and are reshaping the industry.

With the ever-changing world, the retail has changed from brand and product to the relationship that exist between the brand and audience. The retailers have changed their focused to design the store in a living and evolving space so that they can use the space wisely and efficiently. Innovation has led to rise in demand of the customised products. Both the designers and the retailers have to think wisely for the coming future. Designers need to have smarter ideas to keep retailers into the game. They have to find a fusion for the future retail. Retailers need to follow customer centric approach for designs and experiences. The whole idea should be to make shopping convenient, engaging and meaningful. Designers are responsible for innovation so that they can help traditional retailers to modernise. Some factors that are responsible to compete in the competitive market are brand authenticity, brand personality, customer experience and their convenience.

Digital marketing is overtaking the modern retail. Brands have changed their approached to brick and mortal model and the brands have to justify the reason to customers to visit their physical store. Hence, with the digital marketing and changing technology it is been said that World is going ‘Phygital’. Phygital retail is nothing but combining physical and digital platforms together by using the e-commerce platforms and blending it with unique aspects of browsing and shopping in a real-world brick and mortar store. This new retail strategy comes with advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This platform provides new solutions which will help you fulfil the consumer’s aspirations and needs by providing them with the best of experience.

Consumers today are looking for personalized experience which is specially designed for them thus making Phygital retail a new shopping ecosystem. Now a day’s, many brands have started using this new strategy helping them to have a competitive edge over others. Some of the technologies which are being used by the retailers are Beacons, Internet of things, location-based technologies which help retailers to identify their customers in the shopping zones and send them personalized messages for the items they would be interested in buying. Although some of the retail stores have a step ahead by matching its customer’s mobile identity with their online identity and accordingly providing them with personalized recommendations based on their interests thus enhancing overall customer experience. There was a time when the consumers used to give preference to brick and mortar stores and said that numbers come from these stores whereas now a days the same consumers have different needs due to the pandemic, online platforms are ruling the industry. Therefore, the right Phygital mix is the best way to go. Take the opportunity of being among the first few retail stores who have adopted this platform. With the upcoming changes in the buying patterns of consumers bringing a change in your selling pattern becomes more important.

Outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the retail industry forcing retailers to rethink and reframe all of its strategies due to change in consumers behaviour. There will a series of needs and fears in the mind of consumers post pandemic. some consumers will crave for large get together on the other hand some will have got used to stay in isolations or gatherings with a few members. People will want to see simple and clean space imposing a challenge for retail designers to come up with innovative and creative ideas which help retailers fulfilling all needs and aspirations of its customers.