Fuel Retail Solutions And Design


The services which we enable on Fuel Courts help them to migrate into the Future.

Not only for fuel! Fuel Courts serve as multi-purpose stations as they are designed to provide retail experiences to the customers in many ways. Capitalizing the opportunities, fuel station designs encompass different retail practices like branding, activations, co-branding, and future aspects like co-working space, children's play areas, and pick-up points for collecting orders.

Conjugating our "WHAT, WHERE, HOW", we approach fuel station designs firstly by proving it to the environment (keeping the carbon footprint low), secondly by creating a human-centric touch, and thirdly by engaging both EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligent Quotient) for generating experiences.

Not only in Indian boundaries, we eye what roadside retail means in a straightforward way to fore court designs in extended (boundaries) ones. For the underlined, we indulge gas station branding in order to felicitate our boastful fore court layouts.

Fuel Retail Solutions And Design

Build, Maintain, and Innovate!

The Plan of Action stages from building the fuel court, where we act upon the brand assets (both visible and invisible) to providing experiential retail through Non-Fuel Activities and Hospitality. Later connecting with the customer on the third phase by researching their psyche and deploying activations and promotions accordingly.

Without 'MAINTAIN', the 'BUILD' can't 'SUSTAIN'. So for that, we design and deploy VM's, Signages, and much more to mapping the footfall and finally engaging the customer via different CRM techniques.


Crafting a one, too on a fuel court, has our expertise. So, it's a cycle from where the experience is summed up - the transactional channels (products and services) to relational channels (EQ+IQ+Hospitality). Giving high-quality hospitality to providing different platforms from where the customer can buy and access products/services offered, all included in the 'experience mapped' to the 'experience delivered' at one spot, i.e O.E.C.

How to Innovate?

Differentiating between buying rationale and buying psychology helps us to innovate the experience, gauging both IQ and EQ.


We remain intact with our mission and vision with keeping an eye on our future, goes same for the fuel retail solutions we deliver.

From Operational to creating Experiences by Connecting with customers, we map the future on the following points -

1. ROF (Reason of Fall)

2. Constant Observation

3. IQ/EQ Services - Potential Adjacent Services

4. Futuristic Service Points

We make brands foresee the potential future of their fuel courts in accordance with retail fuel and convenience. And by acting on a timing basis, it helps them to retain the consumer and its loyalty. Simultaneously, brand visibility and brand equity shoot up in comparison with conversions.

Digital collaborations, consumer classification, behavior strategy, and future models outline the main objective underlined.

What all top brands you think? - We have it all in our folio.

Our proven experience of years in filling station designs for top conglomerates has expanded our presence over eight nations. Though our NDA's doesn't allow us to share them in our portfolio, we have shared our strategy of the OEC Model through our platforms.

Inculcating our cutting-edge software and tools like Sketchup, Revit, 3D Studio Max, Auto CAD, V-Ray, Adobe Suite, etc to create finished experiences.

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