Digital Wall Painting

21st Century is the age of “PHYGITAL WORLD CREATION”

Digital Wall Painting – This is a new feather in the cap – Wall Painting Material Innovation.

The world is moving towards “digitalization”

The war to reach right from urban to rural consumers is becoming extremely tough. At this age giving customers and clients an eco-friendly option to do adverting by utilizing digital wall painting across various markets globally.

Since wall painting is growing rapidly as a medium to communicate with the target audience. Digital Wall Painting is becoming one of the powerful ways for advertisement because it surpasses all the barriers of applications on challenging surfaces and areas.

Wall painting media(Thin film) is digitally printed so there is no chance for errors like the spelling mistakes, Colour differences, non – uniform images, etc. It is applied to both Even or Uneven surface, as it is flexible and very easy to apply on all the surfaces likes glass, walls, containers, shutters, wood etc.

Give your business the attention it deserves with D’ART Digital Wall Painting Solutions.

We at D’ART has revolutionized the digital advertising experience with Digital Wall Painting (DWP) solution and this digital revolution has brought a massive change in consumer behavior.